Love the Job that makes a difference

Have you ever wanted a job where you feel that you are making a difference and are contributing to the performance of an office? Then ProCare is the perfect place to work! Be a part of a team that looks at the performance, financial, and production aspects of that office and helps the company to continually improve. The Outdoor Sales representative and Service Professional positions are located at the Atlanta West and Atlanta East offices. The Office Sales Representative and Customer Loyalty Specialist positions are located in our Idaho office.


Outdoor sales representative

Do you have what it takes to meet opposition in the face? Tackle greatness? and overcome any obstacle standing in your way? Selling door-to-door isn’t always a walk in the park, but it can be much easier when you’re selling a product that customers love!


Service professional

Service Professionals are here to serve. We look for enthusiastic and hard-working professionals that serve customers with a smile. We provide quality training to ensure that each customer’s needs are met and that their home is protected from unwanted pests.


Office Sales Representative

Potential clients are found in a variety of ways. Office Sales Representatives take the initiative in following up with potential leads and closing sales while listening to customer concerns and providing them with a solution.


Customer loyalty specialist

Scheduling technician routes, managing logistics, and answering calls, questions, and concerns from customers is no small task. Customer Loyalty Specialists solve problems and provide exceptional customer service.