Termite Control in Marietta, Atlanta & Lawrenceville, GA

Georgia is the #1 place for subterranean termites in the U.S.

Naturally termites are always a worry for homeowners in Georgia. When you're buying or selling a home, there is a reason most lenders require a letter certifying a licensed professional has inspected the termite situation of the home. As the saying  goes there are two kinds of homes in Georgia those that have termites and those that will get termites. Then ProCare came along a put a cabosh on those that will.

...most lenders require a letter certifying a licensed professional has inspected the termite situation of the home.


In order to get already invading termites out, we treat problem areas as well as put a chemical barrier around the home. This liquid barrier will protect the home an additional seven years. 

Defense will always be your best offense! For termite-free homes, we protect with a Termite Colony Elimination System. This station is designed to attract any termites in and around your home and eliminate the entire colony. Your system will be inspected four times a year. With each inspection you will be informed of the system's activity and areas of the home where the activity is located.


Common signs of termites

There are many signs of termites and we know them all. To most home owners this may look like a child put a dent in the wall. Notice the small holes in the corner of the wall as well as the dips in the paint do to the termites eating the sheet rock paper behind the paint.

Subterranean Termites found in the back side of some sheet rock while renovations were being done on a home. Termites will dry up and die above ground only the black swarmers will come out in the open.

Termite Swarmers come out mainly in the Spring. They're weak flyers and are attracted to light. They are out to mate and reproduce. They will shed their wings quickly.

Advance Termite Baiting System with the cap off. Object of the system isn't just to eliminate the termites that come close to the home but more so the colony around your home beneath the ground.