Wildlife Control in Marietta, Atlanta, & Lawrenceville, GA


We take care of the following wildlife pests

  • Roof & Norway Rats/Mice

  • Gray & Flying Squirrels

  • Bats

  • Raccoons & Opossums

  • Snakes

The facts about these critters

Roof rats, Norway rats, and Mice

Rats and mice enter homes through small openings in rooflines and foundation of homes. They cause a considerable amount of damage to your home by chewing on many things like wood, plastic or PVC pipes, hardie board, sheetrock, and electrical wiring.

They also cause damage by nesting in attic insulation and crawl spaces. Nesting and tunneling from rodents will decrease the R-value of your insulation, making it harder to retain your home's heat. Rats often nest and travel inside ductwork causing health issues from urine and feces left behind.

Treatment includes

  • Sealing roofline with galvanized metal

  • Screening gable vents and crawl vents

  • Sealing foundation entry points like utility entries and masonry voids

  • Trapping of rodents inside structure

Gray squirrels and Flying squirrels

Squirrels usually enter homes through the roofline, gable vents, power or turbine fans, and bathroom or dryer vents. They can cause damage to wood, any type of siding, vent pipes, and wiring in the attic. You'll most likely see them from fall to spring, which is  their common breeding season.

Squirrels use insulation to build nests in soffits as well as other materials like leaves and items found in the attic. They'll  also decrease the R-value of your insulation by walking on and removing insulation.


Treatment includes

  • Sealing roofline with galvanized metal

  • Screening gable vents and attic fans

  • Covering vents from outside of home



Bats will enter the home year round usually through gable vents or small openings under siding or freeze board.

A small gable vent can house over fifty bats. Once bats start accumulating in gable vents or other areas they can cause many issues such as:

  • Damage from the large amount of urine and feces on wood or Sheetrock.

  • Health issues from diseases carried by bats or in their droppings as well as mites, fleas, and ticks.

The main signs that you have bats are strong odor and droppings in attic or outside of home underneath gable vents or other small openings.

Treatments includes

  • Removing bats from structure

  • Sealing gable vents or other entry points form outside

  • Removing droppings and disinfecting area

Raccoons & Opossums

Raccoons and Opossums can carry many diseases as well as cause structural damage to home.

Treatment measures include

  • Trapping and removing of the animal

  • Sealing entry points

  • Cleaning and disinfecting droppings


There are many different types of snakes in North America. Most of them are nonvenomous but can be a nuisance to some homeowners.

We have professionals trained to deal with any type of snake.

Treatment includes

  • Removal of snake

  • Broad cast of an all natural product around
    the home to prevent snakes in the future