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Mosquito Control in Marietta, Atlanta & Lawrenceville, GA


We're not sure what's worse–getting bitten by a mosquito, slapping yourself trying to kill it, or the unsolicited slap by a supposed friend fulfilling their civic duty. All of these situations are uncomfortable by our standards and deserve to be irradiated as a warm-weather activity. It's true, you can control mosquito populations even though they fly. The secret is to get to them before they grow wings. Call in the ProCare Mosquito SWAT team equipped with expert knowledge and the right tools to reclaim your yard.

  1. Birdbaths
  2. Standing Water/Runoff
  3. Saucers/Flower Pots
  4. Street Gutters
  5. Kiddie Pools
  1. Yard Tools
  2. Wood Piles
  3. Pool Area
  4. Clogged Gutters

Pictured Above: The most common mosquito our customers deal with, the Asian Tiger.

There are 63 different types of mosquitos located in Georgia.

Not all types of mosquitos bite, and of those that do, only the females bite, while the males don't live very long.

Identification is key to successful control and great results. Mosquitos are not all the same: They can come out at different times of day, live in and lay their eggs in various environments. Not all have the same ability to carry the same diseases. They even differ on how fast and how far they will fly in a day.

Asian Tigers thrive in man-made containers, not just any standing water: in catch trays under plants, plastic containers around the yard, French drain catch basins, debris filled gutters, as well as birdbaths and decorative items around the yard.

Asian Tigers are day biters, and live and nest on the underside of leaves, under decks, and other shaded areas.

Asian Tigers most commonly spread heart worm diseases to household pets causing expensive vet bills. They also have the ability to carry the West Nile, Zika, Dengue, yellow fever, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and many more dangerous diseases.