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What To Do If You Have Been Bitten By Mosquitoes In Marietta

mosquito biting skin

Another hot and humid summer in Georgia has most of us wanting to move as little as possible, but at the same time, an all too familiar nuisance has many of us wanting to run away. Mosquitoes are out in full force in the middle of summer, and our Marietta pest control experts know we could all use a little information on how to treat mosquito bites and keep mosquitoes away.

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

Mosquito bites usually come in clusters of more than one, and they can be on any part of your body that was exposed at the time. While the pest is usually noticeable, some people don’t even realize they were bitten until afterward. Signs of mosquito bites are:

  • An initial puffy white bump with a small red dot in the center
  • Hard, reddish blemishes that show up after a day
  • Dark, bruise-resembling spots
  • Redness, swelling, and itching

More severe cases might ensue if someone has an immune deficiency or severe allergies. As mosquitoes are known to carry diseases even here in Georgia, you should seek medical attention if you develop extreme symptoms like headaches or nausea.

How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching

The main reason mosquito bites itch is due to our body’s responsive production of histamine. There are several things you can do to subdue the itchiness. You can:

  • Take mild antihistamines. 
  • Apply topical anti-itching creams. 
  • Take anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen. 

If you’re considering taking medications to reduce the pain, we recommend talking with a physician. Taking a heavier dose than needed could be dangerous and cause other problems. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, do not attempt to treat them on your own. See a medical professional to check if there are other problems like a transmitted disease from the bites.

What To Put On Mosquito Bites

There are plenty of solutions to stop mosquito bites from itching. Those previously mentioned will aid you, but here are some other natural things to put on mosquito bites:

  • Use a cold compress to reduce swelling.
  • Make a solution of baking soda and water to apply topically.
  • Use an oatmeal paste to take advantage of its anti-irritant properties.
  • Apply a light coat of honey for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Use aloe vera to reduce inflammation.
  • Use basil, vinegar, lemon balm, witch hazel, onion, garlic, thyme, and chamomile tea to make home remedies for mosquitoes and their bites.

The main reason to apply something to mosquito bites is to reduce itching, but natural remedies like those listed can also aid in the body recovering at a faster rate. 

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From You And Your Family

In summers like these, it can seem impossible to avoid mosquitoes. However, there are some things you can do to prevent these insects from sucking your blood. Natural ways to repel mosquitoes are:

  • Wear clothes with tightly woven and thick fabric.
  • Remove areas of standing water on your property.
  • Use essential oils to give off smells mosquitoes hate.
  • Garden plants that deter mosquitoes like madrigals, geraniums, basil, or lavender.
  • Use fans to prevent them from flying near you. 

If you’re experiencing an unmanageable population of these pests, the best way to control mosquitoes is to reach out to a professional. For effective mosquito control solutions in Marietta, look no further than ProCare Pest Services. 

ProCare Pest Services is dedicated to providing our community with top-notch pest control and outstanding service. Contact us today for your free inspection.