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Dunwoody, GA Pest Control

Pest Control In Dunwoody, GA

Pest Control In Dunwoody, GA

Dunwoody, GA is a relatively new town. Established officially in 2008, Dunwoody is a northern suburb of Atlanta and currently has just under 50,000 residents. The city is filled with historical landmarks, and its beautiful weather and proximity to Atlanta make it appealing to those looking to settle down. As a result of more people moving into the area, DeKalb County pest control needs have started to rise. At ProCare Pest Services, we are prepared to meet this rising demand and keep Dunwoody homes and businesses pest-free. Read on to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Dunwoody


When considering which company to call upon when your home is in a crisis, you deserve nothing but the very best. For almost a decade, ProCare Pest Services has been serving Dunwoody residents and providing them with the highest-quality residential pest control services. Our expert technicians are constantly continuing their education to meet new industry standards and provide the most advanced services to our clients. 

It’s never too early to secure residential pest control services for your home. As the human population continues to grow in Dunwoody, the pest population will also boom, and it becomes a matter of when the pests invade, not if. When that happens, ProCare Pest Services is ready to assist, no matter what type of infestation you have, and no matter how severe it is. We are prepared -- give us a call today!

How The Pros In Dunwoody Can Protect Your Home Against Termites

Termites are incredibly difficult to spot, and even harder to treat. Unfortunately, if these pests are left uninterrupted, they are capable of causing irreparable damage to your home. At best, they might cost you thousands of dollars in repair. At worst, they will compromise the structural integrity of your home completely. Termites always demand professional help. Consider their life cycle:

  • Termite eggs: The problem begins at the start of the termite’s life, when the eggs are laid. These eggs are small and white in color.
  • Nymphs: Once the termite eggs hatch, they become what are called nymphs, As they grow, they will molt, shedding their skins. They develop into whatever form of adult their colony needs.
  • Castes: Despite the destruction they cause, termites are quite fascinating, as they have castes within their colonies. If enough of one cast gets exterminated, the other fully grown termites can molt again, growing into that caste and taking over that role.

At ProCare Pest Services, our expert termite control technicians arrive trained and ready to root out the source of your infestation, possibly saving you thousands, or even your entire house. Don’t let these pests ruin your home -- get a termite inspection on the books today!

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Why Choose ProCare Pest Services?

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Timely Services Available
  • Free Inspections for Your Home or Business
  • Modern & Effective Pest Control Methods

How To Solve Pest Problems In Dunwoody Without Harming The Environment

Taking an environmentally friendly approach to address pest issues is essential. Here are some strategies you can use at any time:

  • Prevention is critical: If you don't know where to begin, start by implementing preventive measures like sealing cracks in doors, windows, and foundations to prevent entry points for pests.
  • Keep a healthy, diverse yard: Natural predators like ladybugs can effectively control garden pests. When the ecosystem on your property is balanced, keeping unwanted pests out is more manageable.
  • Combine multiple strategies: Using prevention strategies and employing targeted products only when necessary will reduce the need for treatments later.
  • Ask about our organic and non-toxic solutions: If preferred, we strive to minimize environmental harm by using low-impact, all-organic pest control services. Not only are they highly effective, but they are also safe for your children and pets.
  • Don't neglect waste management: Cleaning outdoor areas, removing potential food sources or standing water that may attract pests, and regularly removing trash are essential tasks that help keep pests away and prevent infestations.
  • Consult with professionals: If your pest problem persists, we can provide eco-friendly strategies and expert guidance to tackle the issue.

Effectively addressing an infestation is possible with conscious practices that minimize environmental harm and promote a healthy ecosystem. Call us today to learn more about our services for eco-friendly pest control in Dunwoody.

    "They also make things convenient and easy"

    Always love how friendly the techs are.

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    By far the best experience I've had overall.

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    "The ProCare team continuously provides wonderful and effective service"

    The ProCare team continuously provides wonderful and effective service. Every technician we've had is friendly and considerate, true professionals, and very responsive to any questions or areas of concern we discuss.

    Naomi G.
    "I highly recommend giving them a call for your pest needs"

    ProCare Pest Services was recommended to us by a neighbor & we are extremely happy with their services thus far! They are prompt, communication is excellent, service is thorough with treatment!

    Carol M.

What's Attracting Ants To My Dunwoody Home?

There are endless reasons why you could be attracting ants to your home in Dunwoody. Understanding the most common ones can help you address the issue effectively. 

First, remember that most pests are attracted to easily accessible food, even small crumbs or spills. Ensure your kitchen and dining areas are clean, and store your foodstuffs in tightly sealed containers.

Also, ants need water to survive. Check for leaky pipes and faucets or areas with standing water. Fix what you find and ensure you have proper drainage around your property.

Additionally, ants can enter your home through tiny cracks, including the gaps around windows and doors or cracks in the foundation. Sealing them is essential.

Another reason why you may have ants is the presence of attractive outdoor food sources. Look for food waste, uncovered trash cans, or overripe fruits in your yard, and eliminate them immediately.

Addressing these factors can make your home less attractive to ants and reduce the likelihood of an infestation, but if the problem persists, we can help. Call Procare Pest Services today to learn more about our ant control strategies.

Five Tips To Avoid Bed Bug Bites In Dunwoody

No one likes to be bitten by pests during the night. These five tips can help you avoid a bed bug problem in your home:

  1. Inspect your sleeping area. Whether staying in a hotel or renting a place, we always recommend thoroughly inspecting the bed before settling in, including the mattress seams and nearby furniture, for dark stains, eggs, or live bugs.
  2. Use protective covers. Encase your mattress and box spring with bed bug-proof covers to create an effective barrier that makes it easier to detect and eliminate bed bugs if they are present.
  3. Keep your luggage elevated. Keep your bags on a rack or elevated surface rather than directly on the floor to reduce the chances of bed bugs crawling into them.
  4. Launder your clothes on high heat. When returning from a trip, wash your clothes using hot water and high heat to kill bed bugs.
  5. Be cautious with used furniture. If you're buying second-hand items or accepting hand-me-downs, inspect them for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

These preventive measures effectively minimize the risk of encountering bed bugs and avoiding their bites. Still, if you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, seeking professional assistance for effective elimination is the way to go. Call ProCare Pest Services today to get started.

Are Cockroaches In Dunwoody Dangerous?

Yes, cockroaches in Dunwoody can pose many risks. They are considered nuisances and can harm your health and belongings.

First, cockroaches often carry bacteria and pathogens. These unhygienic invaders often spend time in unsanitary environments, picking up pathogens and bringing them to our homes. 

Once there, it's only a matter of time until they contaminate your property. In fact, salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus are common with cockroach infestation. 

And, if their allergens are around your home, they can trigger reactions, especially if you have respiratory issues.

Additionally, roaches can cause damage to your belongings by chewing on books, fabrics, and even wallpaper. They may also leave behind unpleasant odors. Taking a cockroach infestation seriously and promptly addressing it is vital.

If good sanitation practices and sealing entry points are insufficient, you need appropriate cockroach control measures to help prevent and eliminate infestations. ProCare Pest Services can help with top-rated strategies. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Filled with tips & tricks about the most common pests in our area, browse our resource center for more information on how to protect your home or business.

Identifying Carpet Beetles In Dunwoody

Do you suspect you might have carpet beetles in your home? Read on to learn to identify these pesky and potentially damaging invaders and prevent them from destroying your clothes and carpets.

Carpet beetles are small, oval-shaped insects typically less than a quarter inch long. They feed on natural fibers like wool and silk. Their larvae are carrot-shaped with bristle-like hairs.

The best way to identify an infestation is to look in areas where they tend to congregate, often near windows and other attractive light sources or in dark spaces like your closets. You might also find their larvae under furniture or along baseboards. Even if you don't see them immediately, you might still spot clues like irregular holes in your clothes and furniture.

Like many similar pests, we always recommend regularly vacuuming your home and storing vulnerable items in sealed containers. Addressing an existing infestation with professional help is essential to end their destructive work, as they can be tricky to spot and get rid of. Call the ProCare Pest Services experts today, and we will do everything from early detection to carpet beetle treatments for the most widespread infestations.

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Natural Ways To Prevent Spiders In Your Dunwoody Home

Spiders are those arachnids you want to see in abundance in nature, where they are essential predators. Still, many homeowners would prefer to avoid having them indoors, as they can cover your home in unsightly webs and even inflict painful bites if they're venomous.

Preventing infestations the natural ways is possible with the following strategies:

  • Use repelling scents: There are many ways to incorporate scents that are unpleasant to spiders and might help keep them away. You can plant peppermint around your home, diffuse orange oil, and use cleaning supplies incorporating tea tree or lemon essential oil.
  • Keep your home clean: We recommend cleaning daily and regularly decluttering to eliminate hiding spots for tiny pests. Dark corners and basements are especially attractive to many types of spiders.
  • Seal entry points: Close any gap that could allow spiders to invade, from spaces under doors to torn mesh screens.
  • Eliminate their prey: Call a professional pest control company to manage existing infestations, as their insect prey could be the culprits behind your spider problems. These eight-legged creatures rely on small insects like flies and mosquitoes for sustenance. They are more likely to enter your home if you're unknowingly providing them with food sources.

If keeping your home and yard tidy and removing food sources and hiding spots is not enough, it's time to get expert advice. Call ProCare Pest Services to learn more about safe and effective spider control in Dunwoody, GA.

An Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pantry Pests In Dunwoody

Pantry pest infestations are no fun. Since they often start at the packing plant, you could do everything right and still end up with these destructive invaders if you bring home a contaminated grain or dried fruit bag.

Eliminating beetles, moths, weevils, and more can be challenging. The various DIY methods for prevention and control are often insufficient with a widespread infestation. Fortunately, professional interventions are often effective solutions for thorough and lasting eradication.

At ProCare Pest Services, we can identify the species in your home and locate hidden breeding areas. We will also recommend tailored treatment plans that we adapt to the extent of the problem. Soon, adult pantry pests and their larvae will be a distant memory.

Working with professionals is worth it for many reasons. Our trained staff understand the behavior and life cycle of pantry pests. It allows us to eliminate them promptly and before they can cause further damage. We also know how to use treatments safely, relying on safe and approved options when necessary.

We will also provide prevention strategies and follow-up inspections to ensure successful eradication and address any lingering issues. Together, we will keep all types of pantry pests out of your home and keep your food supply safe from contamination and potential health risks. Call today to schedule your initial inspection.

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