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Dallas, GA Pest Control

Pest Control In Dallas, GA

Trusted Pest Control In Dallas, GA

Dallas is a city located just miles from the center of Atlanta, so it provides residents with all of the amenities that they need with a fraction of the hustle and bustle. There are locally-owned cafes, an extensive bike path, community centers, and historic landmarks that all add up to a happy place to call home. The local weather, mobile population, and urban environment, however, provide conditions that are conducive to pest problems throughout the year.

At ProCare Pest Services, we understand that it may feel like your home is constantly left vulnerable to pest invasions, which is why we’re here to help. We have been bringing trusted Paulding County pest control to our community since 2014 and were built on the belief that everyone should have access to quality services. To this day, we are focused on delivering real results, which is why we guarantee all of our work and use products and methods that are safe for the entire household.

For more information on our pest control services, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Dallas


A pest problem can bring either harm or damage to your Dallas home, which is why you need a team like ProCare Pest Services to help you through. Since 2014, it’s been our mission to provide our neighbors with high-quality pest control that can withstand the elements. Our general pest control program utilizes scrupulous inspections, either traditional or eco-friendly products, and routine maintenance throughout the year. We provide an inspection at every visit so that we can monitor the success of our treatments, make any new applications, and check for the development of any new issues.  As a customer, you’ll also benefit from the education that we provide, which will help to reduce pest attraction in addition to the treatments that we perform. This approach helps us deliver long-lasting results that we can guarantee.

If you’re concerned about the pests around your home, contact us for more information on our residential pest control services in Dallas, GA today.

Why Dallas Homes Could Still Be At Risk for Termites

Termites are in constant search of wood to eat and invade, which means that Dallas homes are constantly exposed to potential problems. Their activity increases when temperatures rise or after a significant rainfall, which makes the summertime and fall their peak season. Once termites get started eating away at wood, they will not stop unless there is some form of intervention. Unless homes have some form of ongoing protection from termites, they are always at risk simply by existing.

At ProCare Pest Services, we understand the precarious position that homeowners are in, which is why we provide comprehensive termite control throughout the year. Our technicians are trained specifically to identify problem areas, troublesome conditions, and signs of termite activity so that we can properly treat a home. In addition to the inspection and monitoring services that we offer, we also apply liquid treatments and set out bait stations around a home’s perimeter that we assess throughout the year. 

For more information on our termite control services in Dallas, GA, contact us today.

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Why Choose ProCare Pest Services?

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  • Modern & Effective Pest Control Methods

Telltale Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Dallas

Some pest populations form over time, while others seem to appear suddenly and grow quite quickly. Bed bugs fall into the latter category, and many property owners have been surprised by the sudden appearance of these nasty parasites. 

Unlike other pests that find hidden access points around your home, bed bugs get carried in by people or pets directly. They cling to our hair, skin, clothing, or belongings and then wait to be carried back to suitable feeding and breeding grounds. While certain things can reduce your risk of a bed bug infestation, they are unfortunately one of those pests you can never fully guarantee protection from. 

Instead, you need to be able to spot the signs of a bed bug infestation and quickly contact professionals to remove them. Here’s what you should watch out for. 

  • Bites: The bites that bed bugs leave behind are evidence of their feeding. As parasitic pests, bed bugs get their nutrients from our blood, usually while we’re sleeping, hence their nocturnal name. 
  • Stains: Bed bug feeding can lead to blood spots on your sheets or furniture. Plus, when their eggs hatch or they shed their exoskeletons during growth, this can cause yellow staining. 
  • Eggs: Speaking of eggs hatching, bed bug eggs are another sign of a growing infestation. They look like cream-colored rice kernels and are typically found hidden in folds or on the undersides of contaminated items. 

To get rid of these signs of bed bug activity and completely eliminate an infestation, you need professional bed bug treatments that actually work. Contact Procare Pest Services for a quick response to your problem.

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    We love ProCare! Have been with them for almost 6 years now and have never had a negative experience.

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    "I called ProCare and I will continue to use them for all further pest control needs"

    After a termite swarm invaded my kitchen I called multiple pest control companies and no one could come out to help until next Tuesday.

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    "Great service"

    Great service...we have used ProCare for several years...

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The Best Way To Tackle A Tick Infestation In Dallas

There are other kinds of parasites that invade our properties and can even thrive out in our yards. Ticks are parasitic pests that not only lead to itchy bites but can actually transmit diseases through their feeding.  

While Lyme disease is the main one people tend to associate with ticks, these tiny arachnids can also transmit diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Even when they don’t spread illness, ticks threaten your health by draining needed nutrients from your blood. 

This is why they tend to congregate in our yards or in recreational areas where people often go to have fun. Just like with bed bugs, people can carry ticks back to their property without even realizing it until the population has grown. 

This is why you need to contact experts to deal with ticks in your yard. At Procare Pest Services, we can respond quickly to tick infestations in Dallas and utilize treatments that eliminate the population entirely. What’s even better is the treatments and advice we give you on how to improve your yard’s overall protection against invasive pests. 

For help with ticks and other yard pests in Dallas, turn to Procare Pest Services today. 

Tips For Deterring Wasps On Your Dallas Property

While parasites tend to constitute a more hidden danger in your yard, other insects are much more noticeable and directly harmful to people and pets. Stinging insects like wasps are scary enough when you encounter them in the wild or in areas away from your property, but when they build nests directly in your yard – look out! 

Stinging insects in Dallas like the fact that our yards provide them with shade from the hot sun, not to mention trees, bushes, and rooftops to build their nests on in the first place. There are other factors that attract them to our properties, which is why proper wasp prevention is all about addressing these factors: 

  • Landscaping: Proper yard layout and planning is a key step for pest prevention. Having trees right up next to your exterior walls and roof trestles will encourage wasps to build colonies right next to your home. 
  • Moisture: Wasps are also attracted to water sources, which can be found in yards in the form of bird baths, fountains, or even simple puddles. Addressing areas of standing water around your property is crucial. 
  • Other pests: Wasps typically hunt other bugs for food, meaning the presence of other pests on your property can attract them. Overall pest control doesn’t just protect you against one type of pest, but rather from all pests that can lead to larger infestations. 

You don’t want to try to deal with wasps on your own, so if any type of stinging insect has already moved into your yard, get wasp removal in Dallas by contacting Procare Pest Services today.

The Effective Way To Get Rid Of Centipedes & Millipedes In Dallas

Some yard pests are less of a threat to us and more of a threat to our yards themselves. Centipedes and millipedes frequently invade Dallas yards because they like to feed on our gardens or on the other bugs that inhabit them. 

But whether you’re dealing with centipedes vs. millipedes, Procare Pest Services has treatment options that address these populations and whatever factors might be drawing them to your property in the first place. This kind of comprehensive yard control is what allows you to stay pest-free throughout the year rather than just reacting to pest problems as they appear. 

To deal with destructive centipedes and millipedes in Dallas, contact Procare Pest Services right away. 

Cockroach Control Tips For Dallas Properties

Cockroach infestations are a common issue in Dallas as well as the rest of Georgia. Still, with proactive strategies and professional help, you can effectively remove and prevent their presence.

Here are some of the best tips for effective cockroach control:

  • Seal up entry points. Their flexible exoskeletons allow cockroaches to enter structures through the most minor cracks. Conducting a thorough inspection of your property to seal potential entry points is paramount for long-term results. Pay special attention to areas with moisture or standing water.
  • Keep your home clean. Cockroaches are not picky eaters; they can survive on feces and glue for a shockingly long time. Still, they favor our food residues and leftovers for sustenance. We recommend regularly cleaning and sanitizing everything from countertops and appliances to floors. Storing food in airtight containers and eliminating water sources is also essential.
  • Minimize clutter. Keep in mind that cockroaches thrive in cluttered environments where they can find hiding and nesting spots. Decluttering your property, from basement to attic, can go a long way in detecting and preventing infestations.
  • Consider hiring a professional pest control expert. ProCare Pest Services can help provide a targeted approach to your cockroach infestation by implementing appropriate treatments, ongoing monitoring, and preventive measures.

Call us today to learn how to create an inhospitable environment for these unwanted scavengers. We will help you schedule a visit with one of our cockroach exterminators and tell you more about our services.

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Fabric Pests In Dallas Are Pesky To Deal With Alone

Finding fabric pests in your home is often a cause for panic. Our local species, including clothes moths and carpet beetles, can be particularly troublesome to deal with alone.

Clothes moth and carpet beetle larvae are notorious for feeding on natural fibers. No organic material, including wool, silk, and cotton, is safe from these unwanted and hungry guests. Unfortunately, they can cause irreparable damage to clothing and carpets as they consume them for nutrition. Eliminating moth and carpet beetle infestations before they can cause significant damage typically requires professional knowledge and treatments.

One issue with fabric pests is that they often prefer dark, isolated spots like closets. Detecting their presence can be challenging. To make things worse, their eggs, larvae, and pupae can hide in the folds of clothing and inside carpet fibers. DIY pest control efforts are unlikely to reach them and will allow the infestation to persist.

Finally, each stage of their life cycle requires a different approach. Our experts know how to tackle the most extensive infestation through targeted strategies to prevent future infestations.

Remember, fabric pests are persistent and adept at hiding. ProCare Pest Services has a team of experts that specializes in managing these troublesome invaders. Call today to learn more.

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Flea Control Made Simple For Dallas Homeowners

Flea control can seem overwhelming to many homeowners. These tiny pests will readily take over pet fur, inflicting painful bites and causing health issues. ProCare Pest Services can simplify and streamline the process with time-tested prevention strategies and effective treatments.

Remember, the majority of fleas enter homes on pets. We recommend regularly grooming and bathing your pets and selecting preventive shampoos and treatments based on recommendations from your veterinarian. Wash and dry pet bedding at high temperatures to eliminate fleas at every life stage. Ask your veterinarian about using flea collars or other preventive strategies.

Fleas often thrive outside before coming indoors. Maintaining your yard by mowing your lawn and trimming plants can significantly deter infestations. After a thorough property inspection, we can recommend treatment strategies based on your situation.

Finally, as with other parasitic pests, regular cleaning is crucial. Set up a routine to remember to vacuum carpets and rugs regularly. Spend additional time in areas where your pets rest. Wash pet bedding and other items that may harbor flea eggs or larvae at high temperatures.

If your flea infestation persists, working with the pros is best. At ProCare Pest Services, we are passionate about keeping you and your furry friends safe from painful bites with safe, targeted treatments and ongoing maintenance. Contact us to discover our science-driven flea removal services for Dallas homes.

How To Keep Dallas' Spiders Out Of Your Home

While most spiders in Dallas are harmless, some are highly venomous, and many species are nuisances that will cover your home in unsightly webs. Keeping unwanted arachnids out is possible through simple and effective preventive measures like the following:

  • Seal up entry points. Spiders can enter our homes through various means, from open windows to utility entry points. Closing them off can keep many other invaders out, from rodents to cockroaches. Screens are excellent to keep pests out while letting fresh air in throughout the year.
  • Clean your house. Spiders favor cluttered homes where they can build webs undisturbed. We recommend regularly cleaning and decluttering, especially in low-traffic rooms, and removing spider webs and egg sacs as you find them.
  • Prioritize yard maintenance. While spiders can come in through grocery bags and more, they typically enter after starting a population outdoors. Trimming plants around your property and keeping a clear zone around the exterior will reduce hiding spots and allow you to notice cobwebs faster.
  • Use natural repellents. While ineffective alone if you are dealing with a widespread problem, certain plants and scents like peppermint can help deter future infestations in combination with other prevention strategies.

Are these practical strategies proving ineffective in your situation? If so, it's time to call the pros. Contact the ProCare Pest Services experts today to get started with top-rated spider control near you.

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