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Innovative Termite Control: Modern Solutions for Modern Homes

two termites on wood

We live in an age of many modern conveniences. If you were to go into a house where they used a rotary phone and watched an old cathode-ray television, you'd probably think, "They need to make some upgrades and get into the twenty-first century." You would also say the same thing if your neighbor tried to kill termites with a shovel. 

If you have termites in your house, you need termite control in Marietta from ProCare Pest Services. For the last decade, we've been using innovative and modern tools to eradicate termites from homes. Due to our commitment to quality customer care and our local community, our family-owned and operated company has rapidly expanded to two locations in the Atlanta area. Please keep reading to learn what to do if you suspect termites are eating the timber in your home. 

How To Identify Signs Of Termite Damage

Unlike other pests that fly by your head or scurry beneath your feet when you turn on the lights, termites live out of sight in the soil or wood. Although you may rarely observe one of these pests, you can detect these early warning signs of termite damage: 

  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Discolored wood
  • Blistering wallpaper or paint
  • Squeaking floors
  • Warping window or door frames

Begin your investigation in the crawl space or basement, and use a blunt object to tap on the wood. You may have termites when the timber under your home crumbles or is blackened. Another sign is blistering paint or wallpaper. Bubbling occurs when termites inside walls consume wood and drywall but leave a thin layer between them and the outside. Moisture wicking from the ground below and their bodies cause the paint or wallpaper to bubble. If you hear more squeaking or when windows and doors are not properly closing, the damage is advancing, and timber supports are weakening. 

When you notice these signs of termite damage, you need ProCare Pest Services to treat your home before they cause more destruction. 

Reasons And Factors For Termite Infestations

Subterranean termites are prevalent in the Marietta area. As their name suggests, these termites live in the soil and travel to nearby timbers. Due to their high moisture needs, they live in poorly drained areas where the wood is softened and fungus-ridden. A subterranean termite infestation often begins in a decaying tree stump, landscaping material, or fence post in direct contact with the soil. 

If flying reproductive termites (swarmers) detect fungal odor emanating from beneath a home, they will land and attempt to create a colony underneath the house. Leaking pipes, poor ventilation, and high humidity due to an insufficient moisture barrier cause the timber to decay, attracting termites. A ProCare Pest Services technician will inspect your home to identify attractants and help you take action to eliminate them. 

Prevention Is Critical To Effective Termite Control

When you discover termite damage, repair costs will likely be several thousand dollars because one usually needs a contractor with specialized equipment. Implementing these termite prevention tips will save you money and a lot of frustration: 

  • Repair leaking pipes and plumbing
  • Ensure drainage away from your home's foundation
  • Install a dehumidifier in the crawl space or basement
  • Clean the gutters to prevent overflow near the foundation
  • Remove dead trees and rotting landscaping timbers
  • Avoid wood-to-soil contact by installing barriers around posts
  • Schedule regular termite inspections

When a trained ProCare Pest Services technician inspects your property, we can provide additional tips. 

Pro Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Property

ProCare Pest Services provides termite control near you. We will investigate your property for entry points, attractants, and termite hot spots. We offer modern solutions like trenching and in-ground bait stations to end a subterranean termite infestation. Contact us today to learn more and to request your free quote.