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Douglasville, GA Pest Control

Pest Control In Douglasville, GA

Reliable Pest Control In Douglasville, GA

Douglasville is a primarily residential city that is regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in the area. People move to Douglasville for the good school system, sprawling neighborhoods, and ease of daily life. With its close proximity to Atlanta, Douglasville is ideal for commuters and families. With a significant amount of warmth and humidity as well as urban conditions, though, pest problems can develop in local homes throughout the year.

At ProCare Pest Services, we were founded on the principle of community-friendly pest control, which we’ve been providing since 2014. Thousands of homeowners trust our reliable Douglas County pest control because we take the time to understand their needs, price our services competitively, and ultimately deliver a seamless experience. We offer traditional and eco-friendly treatments that are safe for children and pets and every service that we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on our pest control services, call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Douglasville


A pest infestation can be detrimental to your quality of daily life in Douglasville, which is why our team at ProCare Pest Services is dedicated to providing unwavering service. We were founded back in 2014 on the simple idea that every homeowner in our community deserves safe and effective pest control that should actually yield results. As your neighbors, we never view you as just another account, so we won’t stop until we have successfully eliminated the pests around your home.

We begin by providing a complete home inspection where we look to identify the root cause of your infestation. Once we’ve located the pest activity, we use treatments like spraying interior baseboards, applying granular bait to your yard, and sweeping down spider webs. We’ll also recommend a maintenance plan so that we can prevent future pest problems. In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer seasonal treatments for mosquitoes and termite control. Every service that we offer is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on our residential pest control services in Douglasville, contact us today.

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Why Choose ProCare Pest Services?

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Same-Day & Emergency Services Available
  • Free Inspections for Your Home or Business
  • Modern & Effective Pest Control Methods

How You May Be Wrong About Bedbugs In Douglasville

Bed bugs are very small yet impactful pests that can develop into a problem quite easily in your Douglasville home. Their small stature and lack of visibility can often lead people to think that they’re harmless, but this is far from the truth. Bed bugs hide inside mattresses and furniture items, coming out at night when they feed off of people. While this process isn’t necessarily dangerous, it usually leads to people being covered in itchy red bumps.

You may also be underestimating bed bugs in Douglasville by thinking that outbreaks only happen in dirty homes, when, in fact, any time you are out in public, you may be exposing yourself to bed bugs. Simple things like going to the groceries or running errands are enough to come into contact with bed bugs. Another important way that you might be wrong about bed bugs is by thinking that you can eliminate them on your own. Bed bugs hide and populate rapidly, so the most effective way to eradicate them is with the help of a professional.

For more information on reliable bed bug control, contact ProCare Pest Services today.

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The Only Way To Protect Your Douglasville Home From Termites

Protecting your Douglasville home from subterranean termites is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your property. Here are effective strategies to consider.

First, ensure proper drainage on your property by redirecting water away from your foundation through well-functioning and clean gutters and downspouts. Termites thrive in moist environments. Reducing excess moisture around your home's perimeter is essential. 

Second, create a barrier between your home and the soil. You can do this by installing physical termite barriers to impede termite access. If you need help getting started, our experts can assist you.

Third, limit wood-to-soil contact, especially with siding and wooden decks, to make it harder for termites to have direct access and replace damaged or rotted wood. 

Finally, remember that professional termite control services are the only way to fully protect your homes from these destructive pests. Early detection is critical to preventing infestations from taking hold. And our trained pest control experts can swiftly identify signs of termite activity and recommend appropriate treatments if necessary.

Call ProCare Pest Services to combine these prevention strategies and significantly reduce the risk of subterranean termites gaining a foothold in your Douglasville home.

Explore Our Resource Center
Filled with tips & tricks about the most common pests in our area, browse our resource center for more information on how to protect your home or business.

Eco-Conscious Pest Protection For Douglasville Homes

When it comes to safeguarding your property and loved ones from a range of pests, environmentally conscious solutions prioritizing effective pest control and ecological sustainability are best.

At ProCare Pest Services, we provide eco-friendly pest control alternatives for pest treatments, emphasizing low-impact and all-organic approaches that are highly efficient.

Our comprehensive services encompass a variety of pest challenges that you might encounter, from ants and ticks to cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Our quarterly general pest control program covers yard granular treatments, interior baseboard spraying, wasp nest removal, exterior spraying for cracks and crevices, spider web sweeping on upper eaves and corners, and more.

Also, we address each issue with tailored strategies, including safe removal options depending on the species to ensure a pest-free environment and lower the risk of illnesses.

Call us today to learn about our services, including eco-friendly mosquito treatment incorporating mist treatments and bucket stations, with monthly seasonal services from April through October, and schedule your complimentary inspection.

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Tips To Keep Noisy Crickets Out Of Your Douglasville Yard

A cricket infestation can quickly turn your peaceful Douglasville home into a noisy nightmare. Consider implementing these practical tips to maintain a quiet outdoor environment on your property:

  • Ensure a well-maintained yard: Regularly mow the grass and trim your plants. Crickets prefer to hide in tall weeds, and a neatly manicured yard can discourage their presence.
  • Reduce excess moisture: Damp areas are magnets for crickets. Fix leaky pipes and hoses, promptly address drainage issues, and ensure proper ventilation in crawl spaces.
  • Consider outdoor lighting alternatives: Bright lights are known to attract crickets. Using yellow or sodium vapor bulbs instead of white lights can help deter them.
  • Create a barrier around your yard: Place gravel around the perimeter of your property can make it less inviting to these unwanted invaders. Regularly inspect your foundation for potential entry points and seal them.

These strategies can significantly reduce the presence of noisy crickets in your Douglasville yard. Still, additional cricket control strategies might be necessary for a more tranquil environment. Call ProCare Pest Services today to learn more about your options if you find persistent cricket issues.

Common Ants Found Inside Douglasville Homes

Ants are tiny but mighty invaders that can enter through minor cracks and wreak havoc fast, spreading pathogens and taking over your food stores.

You can find several types of ants inside your Douglasville homes, but these are some of the most common species:

  • Argentine ants: Often forming large colonies, these are known for their trails and preference for sweet foods.
  • Crazy ants: You can recognize them for their erratic movements and behavior. They can be challenging to control.
  • Fire ants: This dangerous species can deliver painful stings. They can establish nests in everything from lawns to the inside of walls and crawl spaces.
  • Odorous house ants: This common type of ant emits a foul odor when crushed, resembling rotten coconut. They are attracted to sugary and greasy foods.
  • Pavement ants: As their name suggests, they build nests under sidewalks and driveways. They love a wide range of foods.
  • Pharaoh ants: This tiny type of ant can carry diseases; you should keep them out of your home for safety. They prefer nesting in warm and hidden areas.
  • Thief ants: These invaders will take over the colonies of other ant species, stealing their food.

These different ant species often invade homes for food and water sources, quickly becoming nuisance pests. Prevention strategies like sealing entry points and cleaning your home can help prevent infestations.

Still, if you're experiencing a persistent problem, ProCare Pest Services can help identify them and devise ant extermination strategies tailored to your situation. 

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