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Key Practices To Prevent Ticks On Your Lawrenceville Property

tick crawling on skin

Working in the garden or manicuring the lawn can be an enjoyable way to spend the day. When you finish in the garden, you hopefully have vegetables to enjoy or weeded rows. Or, after pulling weeds, mowing, and trimming, you have the satisfaction of a nice-looking lawn. However, that joy can quickly evaporate when you find a few ticks on your body. 

If ticks are ruining your time in the yard, you need tick control in Lawrenceville from ProCare Pest Services. What began as a dream ten years ago has grown into a family-owned and operated company serving thousands of customers from two Atlanta area locations. Our dedication to customer service, eco-friendly pest control options, and 100% satisfaction guarantee are a few of the reasons our company continues to grow and thrive. 

Now that you know a little about us, please continue reading to learn what you can do about ticks on your property. 

Common Tick Species In The Region

Ticks are arachnids that consume blood for survival. When they feed on a host, their reddish-brown bodies turn grey and swell to the size of a pea. These are the types of ticks in Lawrenceville:

  • Deer (blacklegged) ticks
  • Dog ticks
  • Lone star ticks

A tick will feed on an animal, detach, and fall to the ground. When it is hungry again, it will find another animal (or human) to use as a host. Because they move from host to host, ticks can spread disease to animals and humans. Dog ticks spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Boutonneuse fever; lone star ticks spread ehrlichiosis, tularemia, and Heartland virus; deer ticks spread Lyme disease and other illnesses. 

ProCare Pest Services protects you from these tick breeds in Lawrenceville by creating a barrier around your property. 

Creating A Tick-Resistant Landscape

Ticks live in tall grasses, dense undergrowth, leaf litter, and wooded areas. These natural tick prevention tips will deter ticks from living on your property: 

  • Cut the grass short
  • Clear overgrown vegetation
  • Fence the property to keep out wild animals
  • Create a barrier between your land and surrounding wooded areas
  • Store firewood 20 feet away from the home and elevate it
  • Reduce leaf litter and brush piles
  • Maintain bird feeders to reduce rodent attraction 

Implementing these tips will make the landscape a less conducive environment for ticks. When a ProCare Pest Services technician inspects your location to provide tick lawn treatment, we can provide additional suggestions for your situation. 

Do-It-Yourself Flea And Tick Control Is Such A Hassle

Tick removal is not as easy as purchasing a store product. As you've noticed, there are three types of ticks in Lawrenceville, and each tick species requires different control methods. If you use the wrong approach, you will be frustrated and disappointed with the results. 

Do-it-yourself (DIY)products do not always address the different stages of a tick's life cycle. While you may eliminate the adult population, the next generation may remain intact, resulting in a future infestation. Finally, DIY products can harm people and pets if applied inappropriately. 

You can avoid potential harm and frustration by partnering with the trained technicians at ProCare Pest Services. We will identify the tick species and apply the appropriate treatment products to eliminate ticks while avoiding harm to people and pets. 

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Tick Control

ProCare Pest Services provides tick control near you. We will dispatch a trained technician to inspect your location for attractants and to identify the tick species infesting your property. We will create a strategic plan to treat hot spots and create a barrier around your property. Our technician will alert you to attractants so you can take appropriate action. We will schedule a follow-up service so you no longer have to worry about ticks on your property. 

Contact us today to request your free quote.