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A Helpful Pavement Ant Prevention Guide For Lawrenceville Homes

pavement ants on a driveway

With a name like pavement ants, one would assume that these pests only exist around paved areas. Although these insects build their homes in these locations, they regularly look outward to search for food and moisture. One place pavement ants love to search is inside homes. Here is why pavement ants might invade your Lawrenceville home and a helpful guide to get and keep these pests out. Contact our team at ProCare Pest Services today if you are seeing a lot of ants indoors and want an easy way to get them out.

How To Identify A Pavement Ant

Pavement ants in Lawrenceville look very similar to other area species. The best way to tell these pests apart from other common types of ants is to look at where they live. Pavement ants, as their name suggests, establish their nests near paved areas like driveways, sidewalks, and the foundation of homes. If these pests are building around your home’s exterior, expect them to come indoors in search of food. Identify an adult pavement ant by its dark brown to black, ?” long body. If you are having trouble identifying what species of ant is inside your home, let the professionals at ProCare Pest Services do it for you. We will thoroughly inspect your home and property for pest pressures and inform you of what we find. It really is that simple.

Why You Don't Want Pavement Ants Around Your Home

The good news is that pavement ants are neither harmful nor destructive. The bad news is that they grow their populations rapidly and love invading homes to search for food. As nests increase in population around your home’s exterior, you may find more and more of these tiny bugs indoors. This can lead to a few problems. To start, finding ants inside is annoying. Whether these pests are trailing across your floors or crawling over your food, they are simply unwelcome. Speaking of crawling over food, pavement ants can contaminate food sources. If they can find their way into pantries, they may contaminate open boxes and containers of food. The only way to prevent this is to put in place some form of ant control.

Four No-Nonsense Pavement Ant Prevention Tips

If you are not currently dealing with pavement ants in Georgia, now is the time to put in place some preventative measures. Here are four great no-nonsense prevention tips to start with:

  1. Identify holes, gaps, and other potential entry points in your home’s exterior foundation. Seal off this damage using a caulking gun.
  2. Repair damage to your home’s weatherstripping, screens, and door sweeps.
  3. Keep up with general home cleaning. This includes dishes, sweeping, surface cleaning, and other daily chores.
  4. Address moisture issues in and around your home. Some common moisture problems include leaky piping, damaged fixtures, broken or clogged gutters, and high humidity.

The most important prevention tip you should know is to invest in a professional pest control program. At ProCare Pest Services, we offer affordable and effective solutions to provide you with the best pest protection possible.

Call The Professionals For Total Ant Control

To eliminate pavement ants from your Lawrenceville home, get the experts at ProCare Pest Services involved. We offer total ant pest control plans that are designed to get and keep these problematic insects out of your living spaces. If you are looking for total control, check out our full pest control options.

Call us today and learn more about what options for pest control in Lawrenceville are available to you. We will talk you through our comprehensive programs and find a solution to your pavement ant problem.