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Bed Bug Infestation In Your Marietta Home? Here's What You Need To Know

bed bug crawling on boxspring

Bed bug infestations can be a nightmare for homeowners, especially in Marietta, where the warm climate provides an ideal breeding ground for these pests. If you suspect an insect infestation in your home and are pretty sure it's bed bugs, it's important to take swift action. Hiring professional pest control in Marietta can help you get rid of these pesky insects and prevent them from returning. In this article, we'll provide some key information about bed bugs, including how to identify them, what to do if you find them, and how to get rid of them. Keep reading to learn more about bed bug control in Marietta.

It's A Common Misconception That You Can't See Bed Bugs

Many people automatically believe that bed bugs are too small to see, but the truth is that you can spot these pests fairly easily if you know where to look. Bed bugs are small, mahogany to reddish-brown insects and are about 1/4 of an inch long. Bed bug infestations can quickly spread, so it's important to be able to identify the signs of an infestation in order to take action quickly, such as live bed bugs, spatters of dried blood on sheets, egg clusters, or shed exoskeletons. If you're wondering how to find bed bugs, start by looking in and around your bed, including the mattress, box spring, and bed frame. You should also inspect any nearby furniture, baseboards, and electrical outlets. By knowing what to look for and where to look, you can detect a bed bug infestation early and keep it from spreading.

Bed Bugs Can Be Found In More Than Just Beds

While bed bugs are commonly associated with beds, you can find these pests in various places throughout your home. If you're dealing with a bed bug infestation, it's important to know where to look so you don't overlook the problem. Here are some places to check:

  • Furniture, including couches, chairs, and dressers
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Electrical outlets and switch plates
  • Baseboards and moldings
  • Curtains and drapes
  • Luggage and backpacks

If you find bed bugs in your home, it's important to take action right away to prevent them from spreading. Bed bug control in Marietta typically involves a combination of different treatments to eliminate these pests. Professional pest control services can also provide tips on preventing future infestations, such as using mattress encasements and regularly washing your linens in hot water. 

Don't Try To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

??If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, it's important to resist the urge to get rid of it on your own. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eliminate, and DIY methods are often ineffective, which can make the problem worse over time. Professional pest control services are the best option for getting rid of bed bugs. A pest control expert will have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home. So, don't hesitate to seek professional pest control to kill bed bugs and protect yourself from large infestations.

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: Contact The Pros Right Away

If you have bed bugs in your home, it's crucial to immediately prevent the problem from worsening. Don't let the bed bugs bite — contact the pros at ProCare Pest Services to eliminate these pests once and for all. Our expert technicians have the experience and knowledge to quickly and effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home. We use the latest techniques and equipment to eliminate every last bed bug. With our help, you can enjoy a bed bug-free home in no time. Contact ProCare Pest Services today to schedule an appointment.