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How To Keep Joro Spiders Away From Your Marietta Home And Yard

spider webs on a curtain and window inside a home

There are some spider species that many people are aware of because they are so widespread in the United States. Spiders like the black widow or even the common house spider are well-known. But, there are more spiders in Marietta that perhaps you have never seen. One of these, the Joro spider, is a lesser-known species because it originally comes from Japan and has only recently become invasive in Georgia.

Maybe you've seen these large spiders and their impressive webs before, and they are hard to miss if you have. Even if you have never seen one before, it's helpful to know more about this species and what you can do to keep it out of your home and ward through spider control tips.

What Are Joro Spiders, And Where Did They Come From?

These spiders are native to East Asia, and no one knows how they wound up in the United States. They arrived in 2014 in Georgia and have spread to nearby states such as Tennessee and the Carolinas'. The hypothesis is that they caught a ride on humans and the things we carry with us; it is unknown whether they meant to travel that way.

These spiders are rather hard to miss because they are large and have bright yellow, blue, and red colors. While they might look similar to some other garden spiders in the area, they can grow up to three inches wide. They also build massive webs that can span up to ten feet.

Joro Spiders Are More Of A Nuisance Than A Danger

An invasion of a new spider species that's large and neon-colored never seems like a good thing, and it might even sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The term joro name refers to a mythical creature called the Jorogumo, a shape-shifting spider in Japanese culture.

Despite this backstory, Joro spiders are mostly just a nuisance. They might be a bit scary to encounter, but they aren't able to harm humans as they don't have potent enough venom. They are also not aggressive.

However, they are still frustrating, especially given their size and giant webs. Having one near your yard could result in prominent webbing structures that you don't want to clean up. 

Five Easy And Effective Joro Spider Prevention Tips

Even if you're not scared of spiders, you may not want to have the Joro spider near you or your property. Luckily, there are some tips you can follow to prevent them:

  1. Focus on their underlying eps prey: Just like all other spiders in Marietta, the Joro spider eats insects. They spin their webs to catch their prey, so you can deter these spiders and others if you address underlying pest problems.
  2. Clean up around the yard: Give spiders fewer hiding places by regularly trimming trees and bushes. Then, do what you can to clear out mulch, leaf litter, and other debris.
  3. Keep the spiders from getting inside: While they are bigger than most, they are still small enough to slip through cracks around your property. You can install door sweeps and weather stripping and repair broken screens.
  4. Reduce humidity levels: Insects and some spiders like humid areas, so remove standing water from around the yard.
  5. Get help from experts: The best way to deter spiders in the area is to get help from the Marietta pest control professionals at ProCare Pest Services.

If you have questions about preventing or removing Joro spiders, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to help.

Call The Professionals For More Advice Or Assistance

Spiders are never enjoyable to have around. Whether you're dealing with Joro spiders or more dangerous species, our team of experts can remove them and keep them from coming back. Give ProCare Pest Services a call today to get started on our effective home pest control or commercial pest control services and request a quote.