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Lawrenceville Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Scorpion Control

scorpion on purple leaf

Scorpions are often associated with the desert climates of the Southwest, and many local residents may be surprised to learn that we have scorpions right here in Lawrenceville. While they may not be as common as other pests, such as cockroaches and ants, it is important to know the facts about the scorpions in our area. Continue reading to get the complete guide to scorpion control in Lawrenceville.

Get A Better Understanding Of Scorpions

Before we get into control tips, we think it is important that you know more about scorpions. One common misconception about these pests is that they are all dangerous. The truth is, while all scorpions sting, most do not have life-threatening venom. Here in Lawrenceville, the most common type of scorpion is the southern devil scorpion. Adult southern devil scorpions have amber-colored bodies and only grow to about 1 ½ inches long. While they do sting, they are not medically dangerous, except to those with a severe allergy to scorpion venom. 

Although they aren't particularly dangerous, you still don't want southern devil scorpions living in or around your home. Next up, we'll cover some ways to keep scorpions away from your Lawrenceville property.

Reduce Clutter To Deter Scorpions

Scorpions often hide in cluttered areas. This includes both inside and around homes. To deter these pests from hiding around your property, you have to clear out the clutter. This involves raking leaves, picking up sticks, and cleaning up debris from your yard. It also helps to keep your living areas clean and organized. Storage rooms and basements are two places scorpions love to hide inside homes. Tightly packing boxes and minimizing gaps and cracks in these areas will help deter scorpions. 

Scorpions Are Attracted To Moisture

Like all living things, scorpions need water to survive. They find water around homes in a variety of ways. Here are some simple tricks to limit their access to this resource: 

  • Repair damage to piping and fixtures around your home.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up after rainfall.
  • Wipe down sinks and bathtubs after using them.
  • Use a dehumidifier inside your home.
  • Clean out your gutters regularly and make sure they are in good condition.

Reducing potential water sources for scorpions can help make your property less hospitable to these pests. Contact a pest control company for more scorpion control solutions.

Address Other Pest Problems

Scorpions regularly invade homes to hunt for other pests. To deter the pests scorpions hunt from invading your home, here are nine great pest prevention tips to try:

  1. Seal holes and gaps in your home's exterior foundation using liquid cement.
  2. Repair damage to screens around your home.
  3. Make sure all of your exterior doors are equipped with door sweeps.
  4. Check the condition of your home's weatherstripping. Repair and replace strips as needed.
  5. Turn off exterior lights after dark each night.
  6. Store leftover food inside airtight containers or the refrigerator.
  7. Make sure your trash cans are clean and have tight-fitting lids.
  8. Regularly wipe down countertops, vacuum carpets, and sweep floors.
  9. Clean up after your pets and wash out their food and water bowls regularly.

These tips can help reduce insect populations on your property, but the best solutions can be provided by a professional Lawrenceville pest control company.

Professional Scorpion Control In Lawrenceville

The only way to guarantee scorpions stay outside where they belong is to enlist the help of a professional pest control provider. At ProCare Pest Services, we offer detailed services to get rid of scorpions and other pests. Our team has everything you and your home need, from thorough inspections to long-term control to address problematic pests like scorpions. 

Give us a call today to discuss your options with one of our friendly service professionals. They will help you find a plan that best fits your Lawrenceville home's individual needs.