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What To Do About Fire Ants Around Your Marietta Home

fire ant up close

Would you walk over a fire ant hill in your yard without shoes? Of course you wouldn’t! You understand that these pests cause pain to any exposed areas of the skin. You also know that they do not go away easily.

If you are concerned about the fire ants around your Marietta home, we have some things for you to think about today. Contact ProCare Pest Services now if you are more interested in fast ant pest control in Marietta. We will share what you need to know about our services and help you make an informed decision as to how to protect your home and property. 

How To Identify A Fire Ant Infestation

If you have fire ants in your yard, identifying a problem isn’t hard. You will notice these small reddish-brown ants crawling around and will see their nests. Fire ant nests can be small or expansive due to them having multiple queens. Identify a fire ant hill in your yard by its lack of a central hole, with many minor entry points around its base instead.

If a fire ant nest is close enough to your home’s exterior, you might find these pests indoors from time to time. Infestations can move into wall voids and other secluded areas indoors when the weather gets cold. To prevent this, consider investing in some form of professional ant control.

Why Fire Ants Are Worse Than Other Ants

Most species of ants that live in our area pose no threat to your health. The biggest problem they cause comes from their annoying behaviors and the way they contaminate food. Fire ants are a bit different. These pests are annoying and dangerous. They crawl onto patches of bare skin and latch on with their powerful mandibles. Once they have a good hold, they will twist their body and sting you as many times as possible.

As you can imagine, both fire ant bites and stings are painful. The best way to avoid this pain is to avoid walking through areas where you know these pests are and quickly address infestations that flare up in your yard. 

Why Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control Fails

If you are looking for a fire ant treatment in Marietta, you should know a few things before you buy. First, these pests are dangerous to treat. If you spend too much time near a nest, these bugs will crawl up your leg and find exposed skin to attack. Second, fire ants have multiple queens. If the treatment you use does not eliminate every queen in a colony, the colony will split. This makes your problem worse.

Finally, fire ant treatments are often chemical based. When misused, these products can be dangerous to humans and animals. It is always better to leave professional-grade pest control in the hands of a professional. 

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Fire Ants Around Your Home

The secret to controlling fire ants here in Marietta is hiring a home pest control professional to lend you a helping hand. Our team at ProCare Pest Services understands these dangerous insects and has trained hard to develop and learn methods to remove them from yards. Let us pay your property a visit to identify the extent of your problems and suggest a treatment to eliminate fire ants fast.

Call today to schedule a detailed fire ant treatment. We will help you find a time that best fits your schedule and answer any questions you have about the ants here in Marietta.