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Types Of Spiders Found In Marietta

brown recluse spider on tree

Spiders tend to make people uncomfortable, especially when living in your house. Whether they are big or small, harmless or have dangerous venom, spiders are never welcome house guests. This blog will help you learn more about local spiders and explain when to seek help from a company that provides pest control in Marietta.

We’ll provide information about the three most common types of spiders in Georgia that homeowners need assistance with. We’ll describe each spider species to help you identify them and determine whether the species in your house is dangerous. Come along with us and learn more about black widows, brown recluses, and Joro spiders with the experts at ProCare Pest Services.

Black Widow Spiders: Notorious Venomous Pests

Black widow spiders are one of the most dangerous venomous spiders in Georgia. These spiders are easy to recognize because their shiny black bodies have a red hourglass shape on the abdomen. A bite from a black widow can cause symptoms such as:

  • Immediate pain that reaches its maximum in one to three hours
  • Fever, increased blood pressure, nausea, sweating
  • Pain that continues for one to three days and then subsides
  • Rarely fatal as long as you see prompt medical attention

Black widows aren’t overly aggressive but will bite to defend themselves or if they have recently laid eggs, and you should never attempt to remove them on your own. Contact us today at ProCare Pest Services if you need assistance with black widow removal.

Brown Recluse Spiders And The Dangers They Pose

Brown recluse spiders also have dangerous, medically concerning venom. These spiders are also easy to recognize with their light to dark brown bodies with darker violin shape markings on their backs. A bite from a brown recluse can cause symptoms including:

  • Bites either cause an immediate stinging sensation followed by intense pain or take six to eight hours to produce a reaction.
  • Symptoms include restlessness, trouble sleeping, and fever.
  • The venom causes the tissue to die and become an ulcerating sore.
  • Healing occurs slowly over several weeks and can result in dense scar tissue.

Call the doctor immediately, or head to the emergency room, and if possible, bring the spider with you for identification. If these spiders are in your home, you should not attempt to handle or remove them because of the bite risk. Contact us at ProCare Pest Services for assistance to get rid of brown recluse spiders safely.

Joro Spiders: Scary But Harmless?

Joro spiders are among the largest spiders in Georgia, with females growing to four inches, including their legs. These spiders have colorful bodies that are blue, gray, and yellow, with red markings on the abdomen and black legs with yellow bands. Males of this species will likely go unnoticed, being only about 1/4 inch in size and mostly brown.

Female Joro spiders build large webs that are organized and wheel-shaped. These spiders rarely bite and tend to avoid people, but if you do get a bite, it produces a reaction similar to a bee sting. If you want assistance removing these large spiders on your property, contact us at ProCare Pest Services. 

Why Spider Presence Calls For Professional Treatment

When spiders are hanging around your home, there is a good chance you have another pest infestation, such as insects, that attracts them as prey. Contact us today at ProCare Pest Services for assistance with spider removal or help to eliminate another pest infestation. Our pros can also determine how pests are getting in and help keep them returning.