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How Professional Pest Control Can Save Lawrenceville Business Owners Time And Money

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It’s always been your dream to run a business – not let your business run you. And yet, you’re spending more time keeping things running than actually growing your business and getting more customers.

True, being a business owner requires you to wear lots of hats, including CEO, chief maintenance officer, and everything in between. But do you really want to keep wearing the pest control hat, even if it’s costing you time and money?

Avoiding commercial pest control in Lawrenceville to save time or money could actually be doing the opposite for your brand. When you look at common pest threats facing businesses in our area, you may realize you’re making yourself even more vulnerable to infestations.

Let’s take a closer look.

Top Pest Threats For Area Businesses

Businesses in Lawrenceville face more pest pressure in a year than most homeowners do in a decade. They also experience more infestations from economically important pests, including pantry pests, roaches, and bed bugs.

  • Pantry pests are food-loving pests that can eat through almost any type of stored food.
  • American cockroaches and German cockroaches spread disease, contaminate businesses, and even destroy physical products in a matter of weeks.
  • Bed bugs make for an unpleasant stay in your hotel and may result in angry customers and calls from your local health department.

Ignoring infestations and commercial pest control treatments could put you at an even greater risk for side effects. Not only could you risk thousands of dollars in damages, but you may wind up having to close your business for good.

The Hidden Costs Of Ignoring Pest Infestations In A Business

Pest infestations may be more or less severe depending on their size, length of exposure to your business, or your specific industry. Addressing them early allows you to recover quickly. However, waiting until the last minute could cost the following:

  • Time: Removing an established infestation could take weeks or months, requiring you to close for more extensive treatments.
  • Money: Larger infestations cost more money to remove since you need pest removal rather than maintenance and prevention.
  • Effort: You may need to explain pest infestation to customers or fill out lengthy documentation to stay compliant with your industry.

Pest infestations cost U.S. businesses more than $6.8 billion per year and may result in ruined inventory, worried customers, and a damaged reputation. Depending on the severity of your infestation, you may need to close your business to effectively address the issue.

Luckily, you can avoid these unwanted outcomes by booking regular pest inspections and quality commercial pest control.

The Time-Saving Benefits Of Regular Pest Inspections

Regular pest inspections comb through your business to find any evidence of pests or brewing problems. This helps you catch activity as early as possible so you can take care of treatments before an infestation takes root.

Plus, signing up for commercial pest control in Lawrenceville can put more time back in your day. A one-hour inspection can prevent one month of treatments, granting you peace of mind to focus on other tasks.

Experienced professionals from the team at ProCare Pest Services can keep your Lawrenceville business happy, healthy, and pest-free. Here’s how our commercial pest control services can save time and money for your Lawrenceville business.

Why Professional Pest Control Is A Smart Business Decision

It’s time to take off your pest control ‘hat’ and let professionals do the heavy lifting. At ProCare Pest Services, we make it easy to get the treatments you need with regular inspections, indoor/outdoor treatments, and follow-up services.

For business owners in Lawrenceville and beyond, trustworthy commercial pest control starts with ProCare Pest Services. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our commercial pest control technicians.