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Black Widow Spider Extermination In Lawrenceville: Safely Eliminate And Prevent Infestations

a black widow spider in a home

Black widow spiders are one of the most dangerous types of spiders that you will find in Georgia. These medium-sized spiders have toxic venom that can cause severe health problems in some people.

If you see a black widow spider in your home, the professional Lawrenceville pest control specialist at ProCare Pest Services can help. We can help you safely remove the black widow spiders from your home and determine why these spiders are in your home in the first place.

Distinctive Markings: How To Identify A Black Widow Spider

Many spiders look scary or intimidating. But when it comes to spiders, looks can be deceiving. Unlike some harmless spiders, you may find around your home, black widow spiders don't have an appearance that allows you to spot them at a glance easily.

Instead, these Lawrenceville spiders have shiny, black bodies that help them blend in with the dark and shadowy areas of your home. They typically measure between 1 ½ and 1 ? inches long and have long and slender legs. Their bodies are separated into two segments; the head and the abdomen. Their abdomens are much bigger and rounder than their heads. On the underside of their abdomen is a red mark in the shape of an hourglass. The unique mark is difficult to spot while the spider is crawling around your home. However, they tend to hang upside down in their webs, allowing you to see the distinguishing mark easily.

Black Widow Spider Bites: Understanding The Potential Health Risks

All spiders have two sharp fangs that they use to inject their venom into their prey, usually small insects and other spiders. Usually, the venom is not strong enough to cause harm to humans. However, the black widow spider is a venomous spider that can potentially cause a lot of pain and severe symptoms in humans.

The venom is considered to be poisonous to humans and can cause these symptoms:

  • Extreme pain or a burning feeling at the site of the bite
  • Swelling near the site of the bite
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Sore muscles
  • Stomach pain
  • Trouble breathing
  • Shaking and weakness
  • Trouble moving your legs

Some people only experience mild symptoms after being bitten by a black widow. However, if you are experiencing any serious symptoms listed above, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Professional Black Widow Spider Extermination: Ensuring Peace Of Mind

Black widow spiders like building their webs near the ground and in dry and dark areas; you can commonly find them in closets, basements, and inside old boxes and other clutter. They usually hide underneath stacks of firewood around your covered patio when outdoors.

Because they are so easy to overlook, many people bitten by a black widow accidentally is because they come into contact with them. To ensure that you or your family doesn't stumble upon one of these dangerous Lawrenceville spiders, you should have your home treated by a Lawrenceville spider control specialist. A professional will know the black widows' favorite hiding spots and can regularly inspect your home and property; this is the easiest way to ensure your home stays spider-free.

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips: Keeping Your Home Spider-Free

If you want to keep spiders out of your Lawrenceville home, call our professionals at ProCare Pest Services today. We can perform regular inspections and treatments that will not only get rid of any existing spiders but will ensure that no other spiders make their way into your home.