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Fly Control Solutions: Effective Ways To Keep The Flies At Bay Around Your Marietta Home

fly on fruit

Flies are a nuisance pest that seems to show up out of nowhere. Whether relaxing in your home or having a picnic with friends outside, flies can quickly invade your personal space and ruin your day.

At ProCare Pest Services, we know how irritating and dangerous it can be to have flies infest your home. Our experienced Marietta pest control specialist can keep the various types of flies in this area away from your house. Here is a look at some effective fly control solutions you can try around your property. 

Know Your Flies: Essential Tips For Accurate Fly Identification

There are two types of flies in Marietta that you are likely to see around your home, which are the fruit fly and the house fly. While they are both flying insects with similar appearances, they have enough unique characteristics that make it easy to tell them apart at just a glance. 

The house fly is one of the most common flies inside homes and businesses. They are usually dark gray with four black lines that run parallel down their back. They typically measure between ? to ¼  inch long and have six legs, red eyes, and two transparent wings.

Fruit flies are usually much smaller than house flies and will measure no larger than ? inch long. Their bodies are usually tan, and while their bodies are shorter, they are also usually more round than a house fly's body. They also have red eyes and six small legs. Their wings are also translucent and typically longer than their bodies. 

Health Risks Related To Fly Infestations: Protecting Your Well-Being

Flies will land on some of the most unsanitary surfaces during their lifetime. While walking around on these surfaces, they will pick up a wide range of harmful bacteria and pathogens and then transfer these harmful pathogens to you if they get around your food or water. Some of the illnesses that flies can transmit to humans include:

  • E. coli infections
  • Salmonellosis
  • Listeriosis
  • Dysentery
  • Food poisoning
  • Tuberculosis

If you have a severe fly infestation in your home, you are more likely to contract one of these illnesses. If you see flies around your home, try to clean the surface they land on as soon as possible. 

Creating A Fly-Free Environment: Tips And Strategies For Prevention

Flies are attracted to rotting and decomposing food. If they think there is a viable food source inside your home, they will try to invade it. Some things that you can do to keep flies out of your home include:

  1. Keep a lid on your indoor and outdoor trash cans
  2. Empty out your trash cans regularly
  3. Empty your cat's litter box often, and don't leave your dog's feces in your yard
  4. Make sure that there are no gaps or tears in your window and door screens
  5. Make sure that your drains and garbage disposals and clean and free of any food particles

Fruit flies will often lay their eggs inside pieces of fruit. Make sure to inspect all fresh produce before you bring it home from the grocery to ensure that you do not accidentally bring fruit flies into your home. 

Professional Pest Control For Fly Infestation: Why Hire Experts

To get rid of flies in your home, you will need to find out why they are in your home in the first place. If you are struggling with flies around your home, call our Marietta home pest control professionals at ProCare Pest Services today. We will get rid of the flies in your home by getting to the root of the problem and eliminating the cause of the infestation.