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How To Keep Centipedes Out Of Your Marietta Home

centipede on a log

Seeing a single centipede in your house may be unnerving, but they usually won't cause too many problems. Removing a single centipede can be as simple as vacuuming them up. However, if you see many centipedes, it is time to find out what is attracting them and how to keep them outside where they belong.

Marietta pest control companies often encounter these nuisance pests, and we can help you determine the best course of action to keep them from getting inside. Read on to learn more about centipedes, including tips on prevention and the best way to keep them out with ProCare Pest Services.

What Are Centipedes?

Centipedes are classified as arthropods because of their exoskeletons, segmented bodies, and numerous legs. You might assume centipedes have 100 legs, but they can have between 15 and 177 pairs of legs depending on the species, with each set of legs attached to a separate segment of their long, flat bodies. 

House centipedes are the most common type found inside homes. If you catch sight of a house centipede, you'll see they are around 1 to 1 1/2 inches long with grayish-yellow bodies and have 15 pairs of long legs that allow them to run incredibly fast.

These pests can produce up to 35 eggs in just a few days, don't be surprised if you find centipedes with babies in your home. If you are seeing a lot of these crawling pests in the house, contact us at ProCare Pest Services for assistance.

Centipedes Aren't As Dangerous As They Look

Centipedes have small mouths with large claw-like structures that can inject venom. They are primarily carnivores, and their powerful jaws enable them to subdue prey. Centipedes on your Marietta property are beneficial in some respects because they eat other pests like spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and flies.

Centipedes may look scary to some, but they generally aren't dangerous to people. Some larger species you may come across can bite and inject venom, which usually causes a reaction similar to a bee sting, but this rarely happens if you don't try to handle them. If you see centipedes inside your house, it is best to contact a home pest control company like ProCare Pest Services for assistance with removal.

Four Eco-Friendly Centipede Prevention Tips For Your Home

If you frequently find centipedes in plants around your house or inside your home, we have tips to keep them away. Here are four eco-friendly strategies you can use to help prevent centipedes from hanging around your property and getting inside your house:

  1. Reduce moisture in the yard by watering it in the morning so it can dry during the day, and ensure the gutters are clear to limit water near the foundation.
  2. Properly ventilate humid areas in the house to prevent centipedes in your basement, crawl spaces, and attics, or use a dehumidifier.
  3. Remove piles of leaves, grass clippings, logs, and rocks from your property.
  4. Seal cracks, holes, and gaps on the house's exterior to limit entry points. 

Contact us at ProCare Pest Services for assistance if these prevention measures haven't stopped centipedes from entering your home.

Professional Pest Control Is A Great Way To Keep The Centipedes Away

If you still find centipedes in your Marietta home despite your best efforts to keep them out, it is time to call in the pros. ProCare Pest Services technicians can help determine what is attracting these pests and how they are getting inside. Contact us today for assistance in taking care of your centipede problem.