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Should I Be Concerned About Scorpions In Lawrenceville?

scorpion in landscaping

Is scorpion control in Lawrenceville important? The short answer is yes, but we have a lot more to say for the benefit of curious homeowners. 

While we don’t want to imply that scorpions in the Lawrenceville area are life-threatening pests lurking in the shadows, we also don’t want homeowners to get complacent about scorpions either. As you’ll see soon enough, scorpions do pose certain problems, and their typical behavior exacerbates those problems. 

By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of scorpion threats, how and why they enter homes, practical prevention efforts, and why you should call Procare Pest Services for professional pest management for scorpions. 

Are There Dangerous Scorpions Around Lawrenceville?

There are many types of scorpions, and not all of these species are actually dangerous to humans. In fact, relatively few scorpion species carry venom strong enough to pose a serious threat to humans. 

You’re not likely to find any truly dangerous scorpions in the Lawrenceville area. The scorpions you may encounter can still sting, but those stings won’t be serious, unless the victim has an allergy to insect stings. 

Also, please note that scorpions don’t just go around stinging everything in sight. Scorpions prefer to hide in damp, dark spaces. They are more likely to sting if they’re disturbed or attacked. If you keep a safe distance from scorpions, they will not consider you a target.

How Scorpions Get Inside Lawrenceville Homes And What Attracts Them

What attracts scorpions in Lawrenceville to human homes? Understanding factors that attract scorpions allows you to mitigate those factors in your home, thus reducing the chances of encountering future scorpion problems. 

Scorpions come to human homes looking for resources or shelter. Scorpions may be common in warm and arid environments, but this doesn’t mean that they like exposure to the sun. Scorpions prefer moisture, and many spaces inside our homes offer exactly that. 

They also need food and water to survive, and for scorpions, food means small insects. So, if your home has a significant number of flies, ants, or other small pests, scorpions will come to see your property as a great place to get their meals. 

As for how scorpions enter homes, they often find small gaps and openings around doors and windows that they can use to squeeze inside. Closing up these gaps is a great way to prevent scorpions, leading to our next topic.  

Scorpion Prevention Tips Every Lawrenceville Homeowner Should Know

On the subject of how to prevent scorpions, you’ll find these practical prevention strategies are easy to put into practice:

  • Remove debris and rotting organic matter from the area around your home. 
  • Manage pest insects in your home, especially flies and ants. 
  • Remove any potential sources of standing water. 
  • If you keep firewood, place it far from your home. 

Blocking entryways and removing relevant resources are key steps for reducing the likelihood of scorpion problems in the future. 

How Ongoing Pest Management Can Prevent Scorpion Activity

Professional scorpion control and regular inspections can bolster your scorpion prevention efforts even further. One of the biggest advantages of working with a reliable pest control service in Lawrenceville is that professionals know how to identify problem areas and resolve issues with those areas. 

Pest control providers can also offer regular property inspections to seek out and mitigate scorpion problems before they start. Additionally, pest control services are an excellent resource for learning more about why scorpions are considered pests and what species of scorpions are in the immediate area. 

For scorpion removal, contact ProCare Pest Services today. We’ll be happy to help you out.