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Fire Ant Control 101: Identifying, Preventing, And Controlling Fire Ants Around Your Marietta Home

fire ant on leaf

There is no shortage of ants in Marietta. Big, small, black, or red, as soon as you step outside, you’re likely to see plenty of ants crawling around. Sometimes you even find them in your house. Although many ant species are mostly harmless, and a nuisance above all else, other species can be a problem for your home or family. Some spread diseases, while others damage property. And then there are fire ants. These ants are in a category all their own. Learning how to identify and prevent them, as well as knowing what to do when you need fire ant pest control in Marietta, is important. Let us answer your questions below.

Fire Ants vs. Other Ant Species: What Sets Them Apart

Telling different species of ants in Marietta apart is easier said than done. It can become especially murky because of the different colors that ant species have on their bodies. The confusion between fire ants versus red ants is that there isn’t an actual ant species called “red ants.” Several species of ants have red on them, but what people call red ants are a variety of ant species that, upon closer inspection, are both red and black.

True fire ants are all red. They are typically smaller than other ants that are red. The surest way to tell them apart is also the most dangerous since you have to be quite close to a fire ant to be able to see the shape of its body. Fire ants have two bumps between their thorax and abdomen, while other red ants have only one.

Perhaps the easiest way to tell fire ants apart from other ants is to look for their homes. Most ants live in the soil, under leaves and rocks, or in trees. You may see small dirt mounds in your lawn or along cracks in your driveway. Fire ants are a bit more showy with their homes. Fire ant mounds are big and difficult to miss. They can be over two feet wide and a foot and a half high. These mounds are typically built in open, sunny locations on your lawn.

Fire Ant Bites: Understanding The Risks And How To Treat Them

Fire ant bites actually aren’t bites at all. Fire ants have stingers that they use to inject venom into the perceived threat. As soon as you get stung by a fire ant, you’ll know it. The pain is immediate and intense. Unfortunately, part of the problem of getting stung by a fire ant is that you won’t just be stung once. People most often get stung when they accidentally disturb a fire ant mound. When that occurs, dozens or even hundreds of fire ants will swarm over the person, repeatedly stinging them. 

While most people can recover from fire ant stings, these ants can have a more serious effect on children and the elderly. It’s important to pay close attention when stings occur so that you can seek medical care if necessary. Otherwise, using cold compresses, oral antihistamines, and hydrocortisone creams can help with the pain and itchiness. Be sure to read labels and consult your doctor before taking medications.

Fire Ant Prevention: Effective Tips And Tricks For Around Your Home

Getting red fire ants on your property isn’t something you want to happen. However, it’s not always easy to prevent fire ants. Sealing cracks and crevices around the exterior of your house can help you make sure you don’t end up with fire ants inside. Reducing moisture around your property can help make your property less attractive to fire ants. However, the most effective way to prevent fire ants is to have fire ant control services performed.

Professional Fire Ant Elimination: Know When To Call In The Experts

When fire ants get onto your property, home pest control in Marietta is essential. ProCare Pest Services provides fire ant control services that will not only safely eliminate your fire ant problem but will also protect your property from future fire ant problems. Don’t risk the safety of your family by ignoring a fire ant infestation, and don’t risk your own safety by trying to get rid of it yourself. 

Pest control for fire ants is best done by qualified professionals. Contact ProCare Pest Services and get the safe and effective fire ant control you need. Call us today.