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Flea Prevention For Pet Owners In Lawrenceville

Flea on a pet hair

Fleas are a nightmare for pet owners. These little bugs eat a blood-only diet. Because they can easily hide under an animal’s fur and stay undetected for a long period of time, fleas will typically pick an animal to be their host instead of a human. 

Our flea control experts at ProCare Pest Services know how problematic these tiny pests can be for your family and your pets. We specialize in flea prevention and flea extermination and know the best way to keep your Lawrenceville home and your pets free of fleas. 

Signs Of Flea Infestation In Pets

When a flea bites a human, they will typically jump onto the person’s clothing or skin, bite them, and jump away. However, when they jump on an animal, they hide under their fur and stay for as long as possible. Sometimes, they stay so long that they will lay eggs directly on the animal's skin. When the eggs hatch, the animal will have several new fleas on their body that require a blood meal almost immediately. 

When a member of our flea extermination team sees a flea-infested pet, they usually observe these signs:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Bald patches and loss of fur
  • Extreme restlessness
  • Biting at their paws or other parts of their body

If you are dealing with a severe infestation, you may also notice tiny black specs that resemble ground coffee on your pet’s bedding, referred to as flea dirt, and it is actually flea droppings.

If you see these flea droppings or notice your pet is acting strange, you should contact a local flea control company right away. 

Fleas In The Home Are A Health Hazard

Fleas can put your health and that of your pets at risk. They carry diseases like murine typhus, tularemia, and bartonellosis (catch-scratch fever). They can spread internal parasites like tapeworms to humans and animals. 

If your pet has a severe infestation, it could quickly become anemic. If you notice that your pet is acting tired or lethargic and has pale gums, you should inspect them for fleas and take them to the vet as soon as possible. You should also have your home inspected by an experienced flea exterminator to ensure that your home does not have a severe infestation. 

Indoor And Outdoor Flea Prevention Tips

Typically, fleas are brought into your home by a pet. If you want to keep fleas out of your home, you must take proactive steps to keep them out of your yard as well. Some of the best ways to prevent a flea infestation in your home and yard include:

  • Regularly wash and dry your pet’s bedding, blankets, and plush toys on the highest heat setting.
  • Vacuum your carpet, rugs, and furniture often. 
  • Regularly bathe your pet with flea shampoo. 
  • Keep the grass in your yard cut as short as possible. 
  • Remove any piles of leaves and other debris from your yard. 

You should also schedule a regular flea control maintenance program with an experienced pest control company. A professional technician will thoroughly inspect your property often and apply any treatments if necessary, ensuring any flea infestation is stopped before it becomes too severe. 

The Trick To Total Flea Control For Your Home

The best way to eliminate a flea infestation from your property for good is to call the pros at ProCare Pest Services. We offer permanent solutions to your flea problem. 

Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our Lawrenceville flea control options.