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Tackling Mosquito Breeding Grounds In Your Marietta Yard

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Not far from Atlanta, Georgia, lies the delightful city of Marietta. While this charming community has many historic landmarks and properties for folks to admire, other properties highlight Marietta's more modern urban/suburban vibe. Wherever local properties lie within Marietta, one local pest most will battle is mosquitoes. Thick mosquito populations in yards can ruin outdoor activities if residents don't use mosquito treatments from pest professionals.

Understanding Mosquito Breeding Habits

Mosquitoes are local pests that can quickly turn Marietta's yards into no-fun zones. When property owners take the time to understand mosquito breeding habits, they can quickly discover and adopt changes around their property that can help limit their visits.

Mosquito breeding is dependent on water. Mosquitoes go through four stages of development—egg, larva, pupa, and adult (complete metamorphosis). When female mosquitoes get ready to deposit their eggs, they seek standing or calm water sources. Eggs will initially sit on the water's surface for a few days before submerging for the larval stage. While underwater, the larvae or wrigglers will eat nonstop. After several stages of molting, wrigglers will enter the pupal stage. In this stage, mosquitoes will slow their eating and focus on growth, and their legs and wings will form. At the end of the pupal stage, mosquitoes will leave their underwater protective cases and stay on the water's surface while their wings dry before taking flight.

Local properties that provide mosquitoes with easily accessible breeding opportunities could soon deal with an overwhelming number of mosquitoes in their yards. Property owners can get rid of mosquitoes in their yards when they partner with a professional pest company like ProCare Pest Services.

Eliminating Standing Water

The best way to keep mosquitoes out of yards is by eliminating stagnant water from properties. Since females only need about 1/2 an inch of water to deposit their eggs, many yard items can become a target for them.

Yard items mosquitoes can use for breeding include:

  • Birdbaths, pet water dishes, kiddie pools, and stagnant ponds
  • Flowerpots
  • Trash or recycling bins (including upside-down lids)
  • Tarps used for covering yard debris
  • Empty containers and tires
  • Toys
  • Rain barrels

Property owners who get proactive and keep a close watch on yard debris that can encourage mosquito breeding can do much to deter mosquitoes. But remember, a commonly overlooked area attached to most buildings can give mosquitoes unlimited access to still, stagnant water.

Cleaning And Maintaining Gutters

Marietta has a subtropical climate, meaning summers are hot and muggy, and winters are mild. The region receives around 50 inches of rain annually, so most properties have gutters attached to their roofs to drain water away from buildings. Water can quickly collect and become stagnant when gutters get clogged with falling leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters provide excellent breeding grounds with abundant microorganisms for developing larvae to eat.

Keeping gutters clean is essential to mosquito prevention, so it's important to ensure gutters get cleaned and any debris gets removed. Mosquitoes don't need much water to entice them to local properties, so it's essential to have a trusted, reliable mosquito control professional like ProCare Pest Services nearby. Our techs can provide expert eyes and products to help alleviate mosquito issues.

The Ultimate Mosquito Control Solution For Your Property

Property owners who wish to receive ultimate mosquito control solutions should call in the experts at ProCare Pest Services. Established in 2014, our family-owned company is truly a local company; we live in Marietta and know the local pests like the back of our hand. We offer same-day, emergency, and guaranteed services.

Are you worried about the environmental impacts of mosquito control? We provide green mosquito treatments (mist or buckets). Don't let mosquitoes chase you out of your yard. Contact ProCare Pest Services today for mosquito control near you