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Home Pest Control In Greater Atlanta, GA

Pest Control With A Local Twist

No homeowner should have to struggle with pest damages, invasions, or contamination on their own. At ProCare Pest Services, we believe in working toward a pest-free future that goes hand-in-hand with reliable, quality treatments. Our residential pest control options provide regular applications to anyone in the Atlanta metro area, with timely service agreements fitted around individual needs. With additional treatment options and plenty of space for customization, ProCare Pest Services is Lawrenceville's truly local pest control provider.

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Our Home Pest Control Services

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The first visit you'll have with ProCare Pest Services begins by mapping out all needs and vulnerabilities. Our technicians will chat with you one-on-one before walking around the perimeter of your house to search for issues.

Once we find the root of your pest concerns, our experts will apply some fast-acting treatments that are guaranteed to make a difference:

  • Spray exteriors
  • Treat cracks and crevices
  • Care for sidewalks and driveways
  • Spot treat visual problems
  • Spray interior baseboards
  • Apply granular yard control

We pride ourselves on being extremely adaptive and respectful of your home's boundaries. Our technicians never set foot inside your house without your express permission and focus primarily on outdoor quarterly applications with monthly mosquito follow-ups (if needed).

During our visits to your residence, ProCare Pest Services will put our best foot forward. As soon as we step onto your property, we look for ways to leave it better than we found it. Unlike many of our competitors in the local area, we take pride in:

  • Sweeping down spider webs on upper eaves and corners.
  • Removing wasp nests from the nooks and crannies of the home.
  • Providing comprehensive pest education to our clients.

At ProCare Pest Services, we believe in getting a lot for a little. There are dozens of pests included in our home control plan, with more added as the local habitat changes. We help homeowners fight back against fleas and carpenter ants, snails and slugs, stinging insects, and so much more, all under a single agreement.

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Our Home Pest Control Process

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A trained pest control professional will inspect every corner of your house. Our team will evaluate your home for any sign of current infestation or hidden conducive conditions that may attract pests.

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After the inspection is complete, our team will develop a targeted treatment plan to eliminate your current infestation while preventing future incursions.

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After the initial treatment is complete, ProCare Pest Services will schedule follow-up visits to ensure your home remains pest-free. We will continuously visit your property to check for the signs and symptoms of pest activity during quarterly treatments.

Additional Home Pest Control Services

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Need a little something other than general pest control? At ProCare Pest Services, we provide multiple layers of additional programs to keep every home under a thick barrier of defense, such as:

Reach out to one of our office locations today to inquire about additional home pest treatments.

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