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Why Do I Have Millipedes In My House In Marietta?

a millipede inside a home

Millipedes are common house pests, and you may find them in almost any home, especially during the warm and wet seasons. The most likely reason that you have millipedes in your home is that they are attracted to moisture and decaying organic matter. Once inside your house, millipedes will search for areas with high levels of moisture and decaying organic matter, such as bathrooms and damp basements. These places provide ideal habitats for breeding and food sources for millipedes, making them difficult to control without professional help.

Working with a Marietta pest control company with millipede control experience will yield the best results.

What Do Millipedes Eat And Where Do They Live?

Millipede bugs are decomposers, which means that they feed on any decaying plant matter. Their diet consists mainly of:

  • Leaves
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Moss 
  • Flower buds
  • Fungi or mushrooms 
  • Other bugs
  • Decaying plant material
  • Decaying animal carcasses

Millipedes will gather in places where plenty of food is available to them, like under logs, rotting vegetation, and compost piles. Millipedes will also congregate near water sources like streams, ponds, and lakes, where they feed on algae and other aquatic life.

Are Millipedes Harmful To Me Or My Pets?

Millipedes are not typically dangerous to people or pets. However, they can be a nuisance if they take up residence on your property. Millipedes will secrete an irritating fluid from nozzles in their body segments when disturbed. This fluid is not poisonous, but it can cause mild skin irritations and an unpleasant odor. Furthermore, some species of millipedes can inflict a millipede bite with their needle-like legs, though this is rare and not known to be dangerous.

Millipedes are generally harmless to pets, though some species have the ability to secrete a chemical that may cause mild discomfort if it gets on a pet’s skin. If your pet does come into contact with a millipede, we recommend you rinse the pet off to remove any irritants.

Why Are There Millipedes In My Home?

Millipedes in Marietta often find their way into homes for a variety of reasons. They love decaying plant material and other organic matter that are millipede food sources. Many millipedes feed on detritus (dead plant and animal material) found in leaf litter, mulch, compost piles, and potted plants. Additionally, some types of millipedes are nocturnal and will seek out dark areas to hide during the day. These dark places may be in basements, crawl spaces, or other damp areas of your home. Certain species of millipedes are attracted to light, so leaving lights on near the exterior of your home could inadvertently lure in these unwelcome guests. It’s time to engage millipede pest control professionals to help with your elimination efforts before millipedes are out of control in your home. 

How Can I Safely Remove Millipedes From My House?

Millipede insects are some of the most common pests in many homes. They can enter your house through small gaps and cracks in search of damp, dark areas. There are several ways to remove millipedes from your home safely. ProCare Pest Services is an eco-friendly, family-run pest control company specializing in non-toxic and pet-safe pest control solutions. Founded in 2014, we provide customized treatments backed by our 100% warranty. We understand that having unwanted pests in your home can be a stressful experience, and we strive to provide a superior customer experience and the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. Call us today for help with millipedes and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Marietta.