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Why Silverfish Invade Marietta Homes And How To Keep Them Out

a silverfish crawling in a home

Silverfish are common pests that invade homes in search of food and moisture. You may find these tiny, wingless insects near sinks, showers, tubs, or other areas of high humidity. Silverfish pests are attracted to homes because they provide the conditions necessary to survive. They seek damp or humid areas, such as basements or crawl spaces, or near plumbing pipes that may leak. Silverfish also love dark places where they can hide from predators. Working with a Marietta pest control company with silverfish experience will provide the most effective results.

Silverfish: What Are They?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that can live up to eight years. They are often found in humid areas such as bathrooms and basements, as they prefer dark, damp places. Scales cover their shiny bodies giving them their silver color. They can move very quickly and have three long, thin antennae protruding from their heads. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures and like to hide in dark places during the day. Keeping an eye out for these pests can protect your home from a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish Can Damage Your Belongings

Silverfish are common household pests, but they can be particularly annoying and destructive. Silverfish can cause significant damage to furniture and book bindings, leaving holes and discolored patches behind. Silverfish can damage items in the home by eating fabrics, paper, glue, and other materials that contain starch.

Things that silverfish can damage while exploring your home include:

  • Books
  • Wallpaper 
  • Clothing

They can also contaminate food with their droppings and shed skins. The good news is that there are ways of getting rid of silverfish without resorting to toxic products.

How And Why Do Silverfish Find Their Way Into Our Homes?

Silverfish can often find their way into our homes through cracks, crevices, and gaps around windows and doors. They are also attracted to liquids such as sweat and urine. As a result, you may find silverfish in clothing, furniture, and even inside walls where they can access these food sources. Silverfish will also gravitate to light sources at night, and that is why you'll often see them scurrying around when the lights turn on in a room. In addition, organic matter such as dead skin cells, lint, and food residue attracts these pests.

Silverfish are nocturnal and can enter the house through tiny cracks, gaps, vents, and other openings. They can also come in on furniture, clothing, or boxes stored away for long periods of time. Humidity and moisture will also attract silverfish, as they need a moist environment in order to survive.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish And Keep Them Out

ProCare Pest Services provides safe and effective silverfish control services. Our experienced technicians will identify the problem area and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action that includes inspections, exclusion, sanitation, and treatments designed to eliminate silverfish from your home as quickly as possible. We have provided customized treatments for Marietta residents since 2014. Our eco-friendly applications come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our inspection process begins with a thorough examination of your home to identify the silverfish's probable entry points and their sources of food, water, and shelter. We then use professional-grade equipment to treat problem areas with products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. We know the best way to get rid of silverfish. Contact us today, for help with silverfish and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Marietta.