Eliminating Bed Bugs: Strategies For A Bed Bug-Free Home In Lawrenceville

Do you occasionally review your finances to see if there are things you can eliminate? Since we live in an age of subscriptions, phone apps exist that help people discover long-lost subscriptions to eliminate expenses they no longer need. Today, internet gurus specialize in educating and assisting people in their quests to declutter their homes and schedules. We watch educational videos and call for help because it is easy to get overwhelmed with unnecessary clutter. 

Although eliminating clutter sometimes involves outside help to encourage us to remove sentimental items, the presence of pests inside our Phoenix homes is not up for debate. One pest that we must eliminate from our lives is bed bugs. You may debate whether or not to end a subscription, but there is never a debate regarding bed bugs. When these parasitic insects invade our homes, we need to remove them as quickly as possible.  

If you suspect bed bugs are inside your Lawrenceville home, the best way to eradicate them is to use bed bug control in Lawrenceville from ProCare Pest Services. Our certified, licensed service team members know how to eliminate bed bugs from your Lawrenceville home.

You are probably reading this article because you suspect you have bed bugs in your Lawrenceville home and want to know what to do next. Please keep reading to get the help you need to take action against bed bugs and eliminate them for good.

Examining Your Home: Where To Look For Bed Bugs

bed bug crawling on skin

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that hide in cracks and crevices no wider than a credit card inside the house near a host. Since these insects feed at night while you sleep, they are not usually visible during the day. Furthermore, the naked eye can only see adult bed bugs; the nymphs are practically invisible without the help of magnification. Although bed bugs are almost impossible to see during the day, they leave evidence of their presence if you know where to look. 

Start your investigation for bed bug signs by looking in these locations:

  • Behind picture frames and headboards

  • Inside curtain folds and electrical outlets

  • Mattress seams and box springs

  • Cracks between the walls, baseboards, and flooring

  • Nightstands near the bed

  • Upholstered furniture

  • Underneath loose wallpaper

Now that we know where to look, we need to know what to look for. 

Small red bumps on your body are among the most obvious signs of bed bugs, but how do you determine if the itchy blemishes are from bed bugs and not from mosquitoes or spiders? Although bed bug bites can be random, they are typically in clusters or rows because bed bugs will probe your skin to find capillary-rich areas to get a blood meal. The wounds are usually on the neck, arms, legs, face, and hands because these body parts are generally exposed while we sleep. 

A live bed bug is another indicator of a possible bed bug infestation. An adult bed bug has a 1/4-inch body. The color and shape of the body are determined by whether or not the bug has recently had a blood meal. Unfed bed bugs have a flat, broad, oval mahogany body, but the ones who have recently eaten have a reddish-brown, elongated, swollen body. As you search in the previously mentioned locations, look for live bugs (often in groups) in cracks and crevices.

As you investigate those areas, be on alert for reddish-brown fecal stains. As bed bugs eat and travel, they produce feces of dried blood and waste, staining surfaces. Sometimes, the blots are due to the host rolling over onto feeding bed bugs. These marks, about the size of a dot, are generally around the host, so you do not need to search the whole house but just the area where you suspect the infestation exists. 

Other signs of a bed bug infestation are more troublesome to find without a magnifying glass. Bed bugs begin life in 3/64-inch pearl white eggs deposited underneath nightstand ledges, cracks, and other undisturbed areas. Due to their size, the eggs are not visible to the naked eye. When nymphs emerge from the eggs, they are impossible to see without magnification during the first four stages of growth due to their translucent bodies and minuscule size. 

You can arm yourself with magnification tools, remove electrical outlet covers, take down pictures, and tear apart your bed, or you can contact ProCare Pest Services. Our service team members know where to look for bed bugs and the signs of an infestation. We can save you time and energy; we will confirm your suspicion or reveal if the culprit is another pest.

Understanding The Threat: The Impact Of Bed Bugs On Businesses

Bed bugs are not only a problem for homeowners but are financially devastating to a business. Bed bugs are hitchhikers using public venues and transportation services like personal transfer depots. Perhaps hotels and motels have the worst reputation for bed bugs. When a traveler unknowingly brings bed bugs into a hotel room, they move from the luggage to mattress seams, behind the headboard, picture frames, and crevices in the furniture. When the next guest arrives, the bugs climb into their baggage and begin an infestation when the traveler returns home. If pest control investigators trace the bed bug problem to the hotel, it can cause a loss of reputation and a lot of money to eradicate the pests. 

Bed bugs are often the bane of multi-family housing units. It takes only one fertilized female to begin an infestation. Infestations can quickly spread from one housing unit to another through common laundry and exercise areas and apartment community member interactions. Because many people rely on word-of-mouth, an apartment complex with a bed bug reputation can encounter vacancies. 

Bed bugs can impact the reputation of a business and reduce revenue while simultaneously forcing companies to spend money to eliminate the pests and salvage their reputation. Public transportation, public accommodations, and multi-housing unit owners are wise to take prevention steps to minimize the risk of a bed bug infestation. They should take action by partnering with ProCare Pest Services for bed bug control for your home to prevent a loss of reputation and unnecessary expenses.

Don't Let Bed Bugs Take Over Your Home: Call Us Right Away!

In a National Pest Management Survey, pest control professionals overwhelmingly ranked bed bugs as the most challenging insect to eliminate from homes. Some treatments once thought effective no longer eradicate the pests; in some cases, bed bugs detect treated areas, and they hide in locations sheltered from typical spray applications. 

Our trained and experienced service team members are adept at setting up our bed bug elimination systems so that bed bugs cannot escape. As we apply our treatment throughout your home, it kills adult bed bugs and nymphs in cracks, crevices, clothing, mattresses, and wherever else they may hide. To ensure complete bed bug removal, we support our treatments proven products that bed bugs cannot detect and evade. These products use the latest technology and do not pose a risk to family members or pets.

Maintaining A Bed Bug-Free Home: Prevention Strategies

Once you have ProCare Pest Services eliminate your current bed bug problem, you do not want a repeat scenario. The following will reduce the possibility of a future bed bug invasion:

  • Use luggage racks in hotel rooms

  • Place used clothing in sealable bags when traveling

  • Transfer clothing from luggage to washer and dryer upon returning home

  • Vacuum out luggage and dispose of contents in outdoor containers

  • Inspect used furniture before bringing it into the house

  • Refrain from purchasing furniture from a previously infested location

  • Inspect clothing and bags upon returning when using public transportation

  • Sweep the house regularly

  • Suction out cracks and crevices in the house 

  • Seal mattresses with bed-bug-proof covers

It only takes one fertilized female to begin an infestation, so you must be vigilant. If you suspect bed bugs are inside your Lawrenceville home, take action against pests and call ProCare Pest Services for bed bug removal.

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