Extensive Guide To Ants In Lawrenceville

Ants have a unique way of making pests of themselves. They can annoy you in your yard or drive you crazy in your home. If you'd like to know what to do about ants in Lawrenceville, we have good news. Here is an extensive guide to common ant pests in our area, how to zero in on trouble spots, and how to stop ants in their tracks. If ants have been bothering you for a while, and you're fed up, remember that you can quickly get help by contacting ProCare Pest Services for ant pest control services. We offer industry-leading pest control in Lawrenceville and the surrounding area. We'll help you find the right solution.

Pest Spotlight: The Many Ants That Call Lawrenceville Home

ants crawling on food

Know your enemy. When you know how ants behave, you can take appropriate measures to control them. Here are a few common ant pests in our area and what you can expect when one of these ants is responsible for your ant infestation. 

Argentine Ants: These ants work well together and are known for creating super colonies. When they come into your yard, you'll have a hard time controlling them, as colony budding is expected. Several of the ant pests listed here are prone to budding, but Argentine ants are arguably the worst. You definitely want to hit these ants with the right control strategy the first time or risk worsening your situation.

Crazy Ants: What is most notable about these ants is the sheer number of them. Some people have reported seeing so many crazy ants in their yards that it looked like the ground was moving. These ants also have a strange swarming behavior where workers stack on top of each other and create shapes that look like something out of a horror film.  

Pavement Ants: These ants live near driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and foundations. While they don't prefer to live inside your home, they'll likely enter your home frequently because of proximity. You can easily tell you have a pavement ant problem because you'll find lots of mounds near your home.  

Odorous House Ants: These ants smell bad when you crush them. That is how they got their name. But it is also helpful to know that they are one of the most common household ant pests. When these ants get into your home, you'll have a hard time convincing them to leave.

Thief Ants: These ants are known for their ability to dominate other ant species. They go so far as to enter their colonies and steal their babies. When thief ants enter your home, their persistence and tenacity make them hard to control. But you have one secret weapon: sanitation. These ants are attracted to grease, oil, sugar particles, and condiments on dishes. If it is sweet or oily, these ants will want to establish a colony near it. 

Pharaoh Ants: These ants can nest inside your home and are prone to budding. They are also motivated by unsanitary conditions. Of all the ants on our list, these are likely to present the greatest ant control challenge. They can hide in wall voids and create no mounds for you to see. They can split their colonies and spread through your home like wildfire. And, most importantly, they are as comfortable in your trash as they are in your stored foods. It is not good to have these ants in your home.

Fire Ants: These ants create noticeable mounds because they typically make them in sunny areas of a yard. Tracking fire ants down is often easy. Getting rid of them is not. Fire ants can create nests as deep as ten feet below the surface of the ground. It is hard to get at those nests to destroy them. They also create runways just below the surface. These runways can go as far as twelve feet away from a mound. Allowing ants to escape when materials are placed into their mounds.

These are the most common ants that come into Lawrenceville yards. Use these facts to better understand them and evaluate your ant pest control needs.

Identifying Your Ant Problem And Where It Came From

Now that you know a bit about how common ants behave, let's look at why ants come into your yard and get into your home. There are only a few reasons ants decide to come into your yard or infiltrate your home. Let's quickly break them down.

Ants Respond To Food: When you start seeing ant mounds in your yard, you can tell that your ant problems are increasing. The reason ants enter your yard is that they find food sources. You may track them and identify a problem by looking for the mounds. You can deter ants by addressing the food sources that are luring them onto your property. Lawn weeds and insects are the two most common sources of food for ants. Lawn weeds have plant sap and nectar, and insects are a source of protein.

Ants Continually Spread: Ants find their way to your landscaping because they are continually making new nests and spreading out. When they start to appear in your landscaping, you can detect them crawling on vegetation and locate ant mounds. Ants like your landscaping because they can feed on plant sap or eat honeydew created by aphids and other insects. There isn't much you can do about plant sap, but you can get rid of aphids to deter ants.

Ants Commonly Use Vegetation: When you find ants inside your home in large numbers, there is a good chance you have vegetation touching your exterior walls. Ants use vegetation to get to higher entry points on exterior walls, such as gaps around window frames. 

Ants Report Food Sources: When you see one ant in your home every once in a while, what you're seeing are scout ants. When scouts find food, they lay down a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. As these workers follow the trails lock-step, you can use these trails of ants and track where ants are entering your home.

Now that you know a bit about why ants slowly move into your yard, find their way to your landscaping, and get into your home, let's look at the problems they cause. It is good to know what you're battling.

Different Problems Caused By Different Types Of Ants

The most common issue ants present is that they climb in unsanitary places and pick up germs. They move these germs to surfaces, shelves, food packages, and stored foods. The result is stomach illness. Some ants are worse because they also transmit pathogens. Pharaoh ants do this, so take extra precautions when dealing with these ants.

Fire ants are the most dangerous of all the ants you'll find on your property because they sting. While stings from fire ants are mostly a nuisance, some individuals have an allergy and can develop severe symptoms. 

When ants invade, they sometimes do strange things. They can get into an automobile and prevent an engine from starting. They can chew wires and cause lights to go off. They can short out electronics. The chances of problems like these go up as the number of ants in your home increases. 

At the end of the day, the greatest reason to deal with ants is that they can drive you crazy, particularly if you attempt to control them over and over with no success. Let's end by looking at why the best way to deal with ants is to hire a trained professional.

Why Any Ant Problem Can Be Solved With Professional Treatment

Have you tried to get rid of ants? It isn't easy. In fact, it can feel like putting out a brush fire. You get rid of them in one location, and they come back in three more. So, why do professionals have such success controlling ants? Here are a few things we do that aid in our success:

  • We select the correct bait. When incorrect baits are used, ants don't take the bait.

  • We apply the right amount of bait. When too much bait is put down, ants can become bait averse and stop taking the bait.

  • We place bait in the correct locations. If ants can't find the bait, they won't take it.

  • We apply the right materials to address ant mounds. There are many products used for mound treatments, and they must be carefully selected to address mounds effectively.

  • We know when mound treatments will make matters worse rather than better. Some ant mounds are not treatable, and treating them with the wrong products can lead to colony budding.

  • We apply monitoring devices and perform inspections to track ant activity after treatment. You won't have to wonder if the ants are gone.

  • We apply exclusion work to stop ants from accessing your home through common entry points. These exclusions provide long-lasting protection.

  • We address the food source around your home that many ants eat, namely other pests. Fewer pests will result in fewer ants.

When you need an ant exterminator in Lawrenceville or ongoing pest control to reduce the pests that ants eat, contact ProCare Pest Services for assistance. Our technicians have the training and experience to arrest ant activity in your home and make sure no ants remain. We can also guide you in selecting an ongoing residential pest control service plan to keep ants and other pests out of your Lawrenceville home. Would you like to learn more or schedule a service visit to have your property inspected? Jump to our contact page and reach out to us. We're here to help you find pest control answers and solutions for your pest concerns. Connect with us today.

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