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Lawrencevilles Little Roach Problem What To Do To Combat These Pests

Lawrenceville's Little Roach Problem: What To Do To Combat These Pests

Almost all Lawrenceville residents know what a cockroach is. We're sure you can easily tell a cockroach from other insects. But you may not know how to tell them apart from each other or how they have different behavior patterns. Details like these can help you when you try to combat a cockroach problem in your home.

Join us today as we break down a few cockroach facts, introduce you to common roaches in our area, and share some tips to help you with control and prevention. If you need help with cockroach pest control in Lawrenceville, remember that your ProCare Pest Services team is available to assist you. We're the company to call when you need cockroach identification, management, and control solutions.

Types Of Roaches That Can Be Found In Lawrenceville


Let's start by looking at a few common cockroach culprits in our Lawrenceville service areas. These short descriptions help you tell them apart and give you a few facts to consider before we get to our control and prevention tips.

German Cockroaches: These insects are tan with two black lines on the back near the head. They are particularly frustrating pests because they do very well indoors and produce more eggs than any other roach listed here.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches: These insects have reddish-brown coloration. They have a high moisture requirement and tend to prefer outdoor living. When they get inside, they can present more of a health concern as they access sewage and other unsanitary materials you would not have in your home. It is likely one of these if you see a flying cockroach in your house.

American Cockroaches: These insects have a chestnut coloration and a yellow mark on the back near the head. They are massive cockroaches that invade Lawrenceville homes and are second only to German cockroaches in their ability to cause trouble. They prefer humid environments and are somewhat managed by reducing humidity and repairing damaged plumbing.

Oriental Cockroaches: These insects are entirely black. They are similar to smokey brown cockroaches in that they are particularly dirty and prefer damp outdoor environments. The key difference is that they don't fly. Males have nonfunctioning wings that cover half their abdomen, and females have small wing pads.

Wood Cockroaches: There are a variety of wood cockroaches. The best way to identify them is by their behavior. These cockroaches don't mind the light. Unlike the other roaches listed here, they'll crawl out in the open. They're also different from the others in that they are a bit cleaner. They tend to feed on wood detritus.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches: These insects are reddish-black and yellowish with some banding. They are similar to wood cockroaches in that they are active during the day but will stay out of sight. You won't find them brazenly hanging out on your walls during the day. People sometimes refer to brown-banded cockroaches as furniture cockroaches because they infest many places throughout a structure, such as bedrooms, not just areas where they find food.

As you can see, subtle differences exist between the cockroach pests that enter your home. We'll reference these differences later as we dig into our control and prevention tips. Before we do, let's quickly look at why detecting and controlling cockroaches is essential.

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Professional Roach Extermination: Call The Experts Right Away

What should you do if you see warning signs of cockroach activity in your home? At the first sign of a cockroach problem, contact ProCare Pest Services for an inspection. It pays to get a professional evaluation of your cockroach problem. There are many factors to consider, and our experienced technicians will make sure to do things right. Here are a few benefits of having a professional cockroach treatment:

  • A licensed technician has the training to handle the materials used to control cockroaches.
  • A technician has field experience dealing with cockroaches in many unexpected situations.
  • A trained technician will use field-tested methods to deploy monitoring devices and other products.
  • Cockroach control is a complex process, and a professional treatment will give you a comprehensive result.
  • A technician can tell when your home is roach-free. That is peace of mind.

Contact ProCare Pest Services for advice or cockroach control services if you're in Lawrenceville. We work hard to make sure you always get science-based solutions that get results. Once the cockroaches are gone, we can help you keep them out if you continue with a year-round pest control service plan. But you can also do things yourself. That brings us to the tips we promised.

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Tips To Prevent Roaches From Coming Back

DIY cockroach control should be all about how to get rid of cockroaches naturally. When you start getting into over-the-counter cockroach control products, things can go bad quickly. There are many ways DIY cockroach control can fall short or even make problems worse. With all-natural solutions, you don't need any specialized pest control knowledge. You just need some muscle and the will to keep roaches out.

Block Access: If cockroaches can't find a way in, they will stay out. While it is hard to find every little gap a roach can use, there are some common entry points you can easily address:

  • Look for tiny gaps around your doors. If you can see light coming in, cockroaches can come in. It is just that simple. Pull your weatherstripping off and put new strips on, align your doors, repair your frames, install new door sweeps, and make sure to seal your doors completely.
  • Look for tiny gaps around your pipes and other utilities. It doesn't take much of an opening, so seal things up tight. A caulking gun can get this task done fairly easily. If you have large gaps, use expanding foam. When applying expanding foam, wear rubber gloves. That foam adheres to the skin.
  • Inspect your foundation for any cracks. If you see a crack, apply mortar to create a patch. You may also use expanding foam for some gaps or damaged areas.

Remove Debris: Cockroaches are strongly attracted to organic debris, clutter, and trash. Inspect your entire perimeter and tackle the following.

  • Blow leaves out from between your plants and drive the leaves out of your landscaping.
  • Pick up and rake sticks. Store them in a plastic bin.
  • Rake mulch to create a thinner layer.
  • Store trash and clutter in a receptacle.
  • Move stored items into a shed or away from your exterior.
  • Store cardboard in a plastic bin. Cockroaches hide under it and feed on it.

Address Moisture: Cockroaches are looking for damp environments. If they find a suitable environment near your home, they'll be in a position to enter your house.

  • Clean your gutters out to get rainwater flowing to where it needs to go. When gutters get clogged, water pours over the sides and saturates the ground.
  • Keep your grass cut, particularly next to your foundation wall. Doing so will reduce humidity.
  • Trim bushes, shrubs, and other plants to reduce humidity in your landscaping.

Sanitation: We can't underestimate how important it is to keep things clean. Unsanitary environments and food sources are not only an attractant for roaches but also how roaches become dirty.

  • Bag your trash in scented bags. Store your bags in exterior containers that have working lids. Get your trash to the curb each week. Clean your receptacles with soapy water if you notice a bad smell.
  • If you have an outdoor cooking area, make sure to put food away and keep the area clean.
  • Bring drink cups and food plates in from your back deck or porch.
  • Keep pet dishes clean and only feed your pets during an established mealtime.

These and other basic maintenance can deter cockroach activity and reduce your chances of roaches finding their way into your home. If they ever do, remember that your ProCare Pest Services team is always here to help. Contact us any time for professional cockroach removal or ongoing pest control to keep roaches out.

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