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Marietta Homeowners Complete Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

Marietta Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can fill your heart with dread. Few things are as disturbing as a roach crawling out of an air conditioning unit, except maybe picking up a pillow and watching nine roaches run for cover. We hope you're not currently seeing lots of cockroaches in your Marietta home, it is rare to see these insects. Most cockroaches hide in dark voids and tight spaces. Experts say that when you see one roach, it is evidence that there are thousands inside your walls that you aren't seeing.

So, what do you do if you find a cockroach in your house? Is it time to seek out Marietta pest control? Only you can answer this question. We can tell you that a licensed technician has the training to provide effective cockroach control. If you want a quick resolution to your problem or you have health concerns, you can reach out to us for immediate assistance. If you want to know how pest cockroaches in Marietta behave and how to get rid of cockroaches naturally, stick with us. We have some great information coming right at you. 

Types Of Cockroaches That Commonly Invade Marietta Homes


In our Marietta service area, the cockroaches we see most often are German, smokey brown, Oriental, brown-banded, and wood cockroaches. There are many differences between these roaches. These differences can help you with prevention and control.

Wood Roaches: Most cockroaches don't like the light, but wood roaches are somewhat special among pest roaches. They don't mind light, and these roaches are attracted to light sources when they are active at night. If you see roaches walking around in the daylight or near lights at night, they are likely wood roaches. While not nearly as dangerous as the other roaches listed here, wood roaches can make you sick. The good news is that they don't prefer to stay in your home. They want to crawl around on soil, wood, leaves, and other organic material, not your wood, carpeted, or tiled floors. Keep lights off and remove wood sources from your exterior to deter these roaches.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches: These are large roaches, and you may mistake them for American cockroaches due to their size. They are between 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inches in length. They have high moisture requirements, and you can successfully keep them out of your home by addressing plumbing leaks and moisture problems.

Oriental Cockroaches: These roaches are typically black and shiny. They are the dirtiest of all cockroaches. Like smoky brown cockroaches, the Oriental cockroach has high moisture requirements, and you may be able to drive these roaches out by addressing moisture and humidity in your home.

American Cockroaches: These roaches are larger than smoky brown cockroaches, if you can believe it. An adult of this species can be as much as 2 1/8 inches long! You can deter these cockroaches from entering your home by addressing the primary attractant that lures them to your exterior. We're talking about leaves. Many Marietta residents refer to American cockroaches as palmetto bugs because they love hiding under palmetto fronds. There is something about slipping under moist leaf litter, these roaches love it. It makes them happier than a bug in a rug, literally. American cockroaches don't prefer to hide under rugs. They would rather be outside. However, they can infest a home in large numbers.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches: These roaches do well inside and are more frustrating to deal with than any of the cockroaches listed thus far. They have a low moisture requirement and will gravitate to dry areas of your home. Bait is likely to be necessary for these pests. A licensed pest professional is best suited for selecting, applying, and evaluating bait. Your service professional will also apply a mixture of control methods, in one strategy, to get the best results.      

German Cockroaches: All we have to say about these roaches is NOPE. There is little you can do to arrest a German cockroach infestation or keep these frustrating pests out of your home. They are the worst of the worst. You should contact a professional for a German cockroach treatment.

There is more to say about these pests, but these are the most important facts that pertain to effective cockroach control. Next, let's consider why it is a good idea to roll your sleeves up and deal with these pests. 

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Five Simple Yet Effective Cockroach-Prevention Tips

We want to quickly point out again that these tips are simple to understand but not simple to implement. Cockroach control is hard work—unless you have someone do it for you.

  1. Exterior sanitation makes your exterior less attractive to cockroaches that have entered your yard. The basic rule of thumb is that if it stinks, remove it or clean it. Keep your garbage in covered containers and deodorize them when they start to smell. Stay on top of pet waste clean-up. Clean your grill and outdoor cooking area.  
  2. Remove leaves, dead branches, stacked wood, and other organic hiding places near your home to reduce cockroach activity and the chances that cockroaches will get inside. Also, consider non-organic hiding places, such as underneath objects in your yard, stacked cardboard, tarps, etc. Cockroaches get under these items to protect themselves from the drying effects of the sun. 
  3. Address exterior moisture by cleaning your gutters, removing unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping, and repairing plumbing leaks. This will help to deter Cockroaches with high moisture requirements.
  4. Keep exterior lights off at night and close curtains and drapes. If you have security concerns, consider replacing white lights with yellow lights. Wood roaches can't detect yellow light.
  5. Seal all potential entry points. Cockroaches get into your home because they can. A caulking gun or expanding foam will go a long way toward keeping roaches out. Expanding foam provides a quick and cheap fix but can be unsightly. Caulking material will look nicer but takes more skill to apply. Along with sealing holes, cracks, and gaps, it is also essential to repair protective items, such as screens, sweeps, weatherstripping, and vent covers. As you seal your home, keep in mind that cockroaches can scale walls, run across ceilings, and squeeze through gaps half their height.   

Once you've done this hard work, you may find that your cockroach problems are no more. Roaches aren't nearly as mysterious as many believe. Certain conditions attract pest roaches and, once near your home, they find their way into your home through gaps, cracks, and holes. It's just that simple.

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The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Marietta Homeowners

What do you do if cockroaches don't leave or you don't want to have a cockroach infestation in the first place? If you live in Marietta, contact ProCare Pest Services for a cockroach treatment or ongoing pest protection to keep roaches and other pests out. Our highly trained and super friendly technicians use the most advanced methods and a multi-pronged strategy to stop cockroach infestations and keep roaches out. On the exterior of your home, we use layers of protection that may include baseboard treatments, exterior liquid barrier applications, granular spot treatments, and baits. Cockroaches aren't going to be bothering you anymore.

It is easy to get started. Hop to our contact page and request a service visit. We'll come to look at the situation and guide you toward the right solution.   

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