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About Bed Bugs

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If you have bed bugs in your home, you may not know for weeks. In order to detect bed bugs, you need to know what bed bug bites look like, how to identify bed bugs, and where bed bugs hide. If you are struggling with an active bed bug infestation on your property, contact our bed bug professionals at ProCare Pest Services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

What are bed bugs?

Belonging to the family Cimicidae, bed bugs are further classified into the genus Cimex; this classification refers to insects that feed on blood. The most common bed bug species encountered today is scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, and its primary host is humans.

Bed bugs are nuisance pests and don't spread diseases. They invade our homes, typically without being spotted, and hide in hard-to-reach places. They are prolific and can quickly create a widespread problem that needs professional assistance to take care of.

It is also important to note that it is not poor hygiene or clutter that causes bed bug infestations; anyone can end up with one in their home. And while it can be easier for bed bugs to hide in cluttered places, any area with humans available for a blood meal can host a bed bug infestation. Infestations are typical in high-traffic areas where people pass through and either drop off or pick up bed bugs. For example, bed bug hot spots include hotels and motels, airports, schools, libraries, and public transportation areas.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Even though bed bugs bite humans and lead to itchy bumps, this pest is not known for transmitting any particularly infectious or dangerous disease. That said, bed bug bites may trigger allergy issues in certain individuals and lead to anxiety or insomnia as individuals struggle to sleep knowing these pests are in their house. It is important to prevent these pests from getting inside if you want to stop a bed bug problem from escalating.

How can I stop a bed bug infestation?

When it comes to bed bugs, you can take a few steps to prevent these pests from moving in. These can help you stop a bed bug infestation before it takes hold making it more difficult to remove.

Below are some expert bed bug prevention tips:

  • Wash your clothes with hot water and dry them on high heat after returning from travel.
  • Always elevate luggage in hotels or motels and on public transportation to stop bed bugs from crawling on them.
  • Check for signs of bed bugs such as red staining and bed bug bodies in accommodation areas or other structures.
  • Leave secondhand items or furniture outside overnight on a white sheet to check for bed bugs; staining and sightings of bed bug bodies mean the item is infested.
  • Vacuum interior areas and wash fabrics regularly to eliminate undetected bed bug hitchhikers before infestations grow out of control.

If you are struggling with an active bed bug infestation on your property despite following these tips, contact our expert residential and commercial pest technicians at ProCare Pest Services. Only professional help can assist you in totally removing bed bugs from every hidden area of your property.

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