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Termite Control In Greater Atlanta, GA

Don't Allow Termites To Destroy Your Greater Atlanta Home

Termites are problematic pests to encounter in your home due to the nature of their work. These wood-eating insects infiltrate your property from underneath, traveling through the insides of your structure and destroying it. Termites are tiny pests that work diligently and quietly, causing massive structural damage that homeowners' insurance rarely covers. The most common termites we contend with here in Lawrenceville are subterranean termites. These termites travel through the ground and into your home via mud tubes. Once inside, they target water-damaged wood and wooden structures and slowly weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Needless to say, Lawrenceville termites cause huge problems when allowed to live unchecked in your home. The longer you hesitate after discovering a problem, the more extensive your damage is likely to be. Reach out immediately to ProCare Pest Services at the first sign of termite activity. Our local technicians effectively identify, control, and prevent termite infestations inside homes and businesses.

Because we live in the communities we serve, we understand the unique pressures property owners in our area face, and when it comes to pests, there is no better choice than ProCare Pest Services. Don't let subterranean termites destroy your home; contact us today to request a free inspection of your home.

Our Greater Atlanta, GA Termite Treatment Options

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The first step toward an effective termite treatment is to locate their presence and identify any conducive conditions that will attract termites to your property. Our team offers in-depth inspections of problem areas on the exterior wall or water sources.

Here are some ways termites can find their way into your home:

  • Any crack, crevice, or other openings in the foundation or siding of your property offers ample opportunity for termites to enter your structure.
  • Subterranean termites, in particular, travel through the soil in order to infiltrate wooden structures; firewood, mulch, and overgrown shrubs are just several examples of objects that grant access to structural wood.
  • Leaky pipes and other objects producing improper drainage and poor airflow can cause moisture problems and eventually attract termites.

At ProCare Pest Services, we can repair, re-treat, and move any existing bonds or treatments from another termite control company. We use bait stations that we install in the ground and check on the bait quarterly, replacing cartridges for active termites. We also offer trench-and-treat services; we will dig a trench around your house, apply our liquid treatment, and take over existing liquid renewals.

In addition to our general termite treatments, we also offer pre-construction inspection and treatment services. Call today to learn more.

Termite Prevention Tips From Local Experts

Most experts will agree that a proactive approach to pest control is typically the most effective way to handle household pest infestations. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies eliminate active infestations at the source while preventing new pest problems from springing up. In addition to our professional services, we offer the following effective prevention tips to keep termites from getting into your home.

  • Divert water away through functioning downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks.
  • Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil and your home or other wooden structures.
  • Monitor wooden objects on the exterior such as door frames and windows for any noticeable changes.
  • Repair leaky faucets, pipes, and AC units.
  • Replace weatherstripping and loose mortar around the foundation and windows.
  • Routinely inspect the foundation for mud tubes.
  • Schedule professional inspections annually.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the exterior of your structure.

Georgia Is The #1 Place For Subterranean Termites In The U.S.

Naturally, termites are always a worry for homeowners in Georgia. When you're buying or selling a home, there is a reason most lenders require a letter certifying a licensed professional has inspected the termite situation of the home. As the saying goes there are two kinds of homes in Georgia those that have termites and those that will get termites. Then ProCare came along a put a kibosh on those that will.

In order to get already invading termites out, we treat problem areas as well as put a chemical barrier around the home. This liquid barrier will protect the home an additional seven years.

Defense will always be your best offense! For termite-free homes, we protect with a Termite Colony Elimination System. This station is designed to attract any termites in and around your home and eliminate the entire colony. Your system will be inspected four times a year. With each inspection you will be informed of the system's activity and areas of the home where the activity is located.

Common Signs Of Termites

  • There are many signs of termites and we know them all. To most home owners this may look like a child put a dent in the wall. Notice the small holes in the corner of the wall as well as the dips in the paint do to the termites eating the sheet rock paper behind the paint.
  • Termite swarmers come out mainly in the spring. They're weak flyers and are attracted to light. They are out to mate and reproduce. They will shed their wings quickly.
  • Subterranean Termites found in the back side of some sheet rock while renovations were being done on a home. Termites will dry up and die above ground only the black swarmers will come out in the open.
  • Advance Termite Baiting System with the cap off. Object of the system isn't just to eliminate the termites that come close to the home but more so the colony around your home beneath the ground.

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions From Local Professionals

Termites are among the most dangerous pests Lawrenceville property owners can encounter, but they are far from the only pest threats in our area. Many dangerous and nuisance pests want to infiltrate your home or business to satisfy their needs. While not all pests pose an immediate threat to you or your property, you never know what to expect when dealing with them.

If you find yourself wondering how to get rid of ants or other common household pest problems, ProCare Pest Services has a solution! Our team will quickly take action to determine the specific pests you are dealing with, the scope of your infestation, and the most effective methods for handling them. You can count on ProCare Pest Services for eco-friendly pest control services in Lawrenceville. Contact us today to request a free inspection!

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