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Whats The Most Effective Ant Pest Management In Marietta

What's The Most Effective Ant Pest Management In Marietta?

Some things in life you can eliminate while you must manage others. For example, you can remove certain foods from your diet and experience better health, but you also may have medical conditions due to genetics or past choices that you must learn to manage. Another example of something we have to learn how to control is ants. 

Ants are part of our ecosystem, and they surround our homes. Eliminating all the ants around your house is not possible, nor is it good for the environment or your home. After all, ants are a natural termite predator; their presence can deter or minimize a termite infestation. However, no one wants ants inside their homes, so we must learn to manage the ant population and discourage and prevent them from entering our houses. 

You are probably reading this article because ants are inside your house. If so, you need ant control in Marietta from ProCare Pest Services. Our family-owned and operated company has removed ants from local homes for the last ten years. What began as a small operation has expanded to two locations and thousands of satisfied customers. Our technicians live and work in Atlanta and are active community members. Because we are local, we understand the pest control challenges in our area. 

We wrote this article because we know you want to get ants out of your house. Please keep reading to learn how to identify the ant species in your home, why identification is necessary, what the possible attractants are, how to prevent a future ant infestation, and why you need ProCare Pest Services.

How Can I Tell What Type Of Ant Has Invaded My Home?

Ants swarm on a leaf

You may think all ants are the same, but they aren't. There are thousands of ant species worldwide, but these are the types of ants that invade homes and properties in our area:

  • Argentine ants 
  • Crazy ants 
  • Thief ants 
  • Pavement ants 
  • Odorous ants 
  • Pharaoh ants 
  • Fire ants 

Each species is unique, and proper identification is necessary, so let's examine each one. 

Argentine ants came to America from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and other countries in the late 1800s. These dark brown to black ants range in size from 1/16 to 1/4-inch. Argentine ants are highly efficient when they forage. Unlike most ant species that deposit chemical trails as they return from a food source, Argentine ants create pheromone trails to and from nutritional sources, resulting in efficient trails. Because they follow these pathways, you will see these ants traveling in long lines through the house, up trees, and along incoming pipes and wires. 

Crazy ants are so-named due to their erratic travel patterns. Like Argentine ants, crazy ants have roughly the same body size and colors but with the addition of a gray sheen, longer legs, and antennae. Crazy ants invade homes in the fall and winter months for food and water sources.

Also called "grease ants" or "sugar ants," thief ants have a 1/16-inch pale yellow to brown body. These tiny ants are so-called because they steal food, larvae, and pupae from nearby ant nests and because sugar and fats attract them. Unlike crazy ants that enter in the fall and winter, thief ants invade in the hot summer months. When they enter Marietta homes, they create homes behind wood and masonry in small cracks and crevices. 

As their name suggests, pavement ants are in sidewalk and driveway cracks and masonry. These 1/8-inch ants have dark brown to black bodies. Pavement ants use the claws (tarsi) on each of their six legs to scale masonry walls to gain entrance into Marietta's homes. Once inside, they live under insulation, floors, and inside walls. Like Argentine ants, pavement ants travel lines and will go as far as 30 feet away from their nests to forage. 

Odorous house ants are so-named because they produce a rotten coconut odor when crushed or threatened. These nuisance black or brown ants have a 1/16 to 1/8-inch body. Odorous house ants move their colonies every three to six months and live near leaking fixtures, water heaters, and inside termite-damaged wood.

The insects on our list have black or brown bodies; however, pharaoh ants and thief ants are an exception. The front two sections of their 1/16-inch bodies are pale yellow or reddish, but their backend (abdomen) is darker. Pharaoh ants typically infest commercial properties (i.e., hotels, grocery stores, and medical facilities) but occasionally enter homes where they use the wires in the walls to travel between rooms. 

Although they occasionally enter homes through HVAC systems, fire ants primarily reside in the yards where they construct large irregular nests. These notorious ants have 1/8 to 3/8-inch dark reddish brown bodies with a stinger. An encounter with fire ants is not pleasant. 

ProCare Pest Services provides pest control ant treatments for all types of ants in the Marietta area.

What Are Ants Attracted To?

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Why Choose ProCare Pest Services?

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Same-Day & Emergency Services Available
  • Free Inspections for Your Home or Business
  • Modern & Effective Pest Control Methods

How Can I Naturally Keep Ants Out Of My House?

No one wants to share their living space with ants. While we want to keep ants away after ProCare Pest Services removes them from our homes, we want to do so in an environmentally friendly way. These ant prevention tips do not require harsh chemicals, nor will they harm the environment: 

  • Remove debris and junk from the yard
  • Relocate firewood 20 feet away from the home and elevate it 
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs away from the house
  • Seal foundation and roofline cracks with caulk
  • Repair leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Close indoor and outdoor garbage containers
  • Vacuum the house regularly
  • Suction out corners, cracks, and crevices
  • Store food products in airtight containers
  • Put away pet food before bedtime

As you can see, none of these recommendations involves chemicals or sprays. Maintaining a clean and dry environment inside and outside the home will deter ants (and other pests) from infesting your property and entering your house due to weather changes. 

At ProCare Pest Services, we understand and support the need to be environmentally sensitive. We supplement traditional ant pest control treatments with low-impact, all-organic products to protect your children, pets, and our environment.

    "We love ProCare"

    We love ProCare! Have been with them for almost 6 years now and have never had a negative experience.

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What's The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants?

When ants invade, it is tempting to rush to the store and purchase a DIY product; however, it won't be long before you realize that ant removal isn't easy. Ants use two different reproduction methods: swarming and budding. Ant species that use the budding method have multiple fertilized queens that vacate the nest to begin a new satellite colony when they detect a threat. If you incorrectly treat a colony that uses the budding method, you may have more ant nests in your home than before you begin treatment. 

By using ProCare Pest Services, you can avoid frustration. Our service professionals will identify the ant species invading your home and prescribe the correct treatment protocol.

We will dispatch a trained service professional to inspect your Marietta home for entry points, attractants, and hot spots and to identify the species invading your house. After gathering additional information about the ant problem plaguing your home, we will create a comprehensive strategy to remove the ants. 

We will initially treat the interior to remove ant nests inside walls, behind the baseboards, or masonry by applying products to hot spots. Next, we focus on deterring future ant invasions by creating a barrier around your house; we also spread granules to reduce the ant population in the yard. We will return for scheduled follow-up visits to refresh the barrier and to ensure your home remains ant and pest-free.

Partnering with ProCare Pest Services is the best way to end your ant infestation. Angie's List, Nextdoor, Home Advisor, and others have consistently rated us as one of the top pest control providers in the Atlanta area, and our exponential growth proves that we have many satisfied customers. 

When you allow us the opportunity to serve you, you will soon discover why "The best care is ProCare." Contact us today to learn about our pest control programs and to get a free quote.

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