Pest Control In Canton, GA

Pest Control In Canton, Georgia

Canton is a small city, making up about nineteen square miles of Georgia. Perhaps this doesn't seem like a lot, but the residents of this area make it feel just as grand as some of America's most well-known cities. With plenty of things to do and delicious food to enjoy, you'll never be bored in Canton. 

Unfortunately, like other cities, we deal with pest problems ranging from termites, millipedes, ticks, and everything in between. So Canton residents need to know their pest control options and what is best for their needs. 

With ProCare Pest Services, you will receive reliable Cherokee County pest control. Over the years, we have seen what pests can do in homes, and we provide you with dedicated pest control you deserve, to protect yourself and those you care about from dangerous pests. 

Residential Pest Control In Canton

canton ga pest control

The last thing anyone wants to do is waste time and money trying to eliminate pests independently, just to realize the infestation is still remaining. However, this is the reality for many people who choose to go the DIY. You can reduce the stress of dealing with a pest infestation when working with professional ProCare Pest Services.

Our residential pest control provides you with treatments that eliminate active pest problems and prevent new ones from ocurring. With quarterly treatments, you can have year-round protection.

Ask the ProCare Pest Services team about our eco-friendly pest control and how to get started today!

Six Myths About Termites In Canton You Probably Still Believe

Although termites are a common pest in this part of the country, many people don't know the truth about them. Not understanding a pest is a sure-fire way to be vulnerable to infestations and the problems they cause. Here are six myths and the truth about termites:

Myth #1- Termites Are Related To Ants

Fact- Termites are actually related to cockroaches, not ants.

Myth #2- Termites Aren't Good For Anything Except Causing Destruction 

Fact- Termites are important decomposers, helping to break down organic material and return nutrients to the soil so new growth can form.

Myth #3- Termites Only Infest Old Homes

Fact- Any home is susceptible to a termite infestation if the conditions are right, even homes made of brick.

Myth #4- Termite Infestations Are Easy To Identify

Fact- Termites often go weeks, months, or even years without being noticed, which allows them to cause more damage.

Myth #5- After A Home Has Been Treated, Termites Won't Return

Fact- Termite treatments are effective but won't keep this pest away forever, primarily if you don't address conducive conditions.

Myth #6- Termites Can Be Eliminated With DIY Methods

Fact- Termites are a challenging pest to deal with and should be treated by a professional as they know strictly what to look for and how to eliminate the entire infestation.

For termite control and prevention, call us at ProCare Pest Services.

Are The Millipedes In Canton Dangerous?

Millipedes are known for their many, many legs. They are slow-moving decomposers with a round, worm-like body. Millipedes can be a bit intimidating because of their appearance, but the reality is they are a nuisance pest. 

Nuisance pests like millipedes in Canton don't threaten people as they don't spread diseases, bite, or sting. But you wouldn't want to handle one of these pests with bare hands as they produce hydrochloric acid, which can irritate, burn, and discolor the skin.

Even though millipedes aren't dangerous like other pests, they are still unwelcome in any home, and their presence can be a sign of a moisture issue and available entry points where pests can get inside. You should work with the experts to remove millipedes and prevent them from returning. 

Canton residents can reach out to ProCare Pest Services for their pest control needs!

What Everyone Ought To Know About Canton Ticks & Lyme Disease

One of the most common misconceptions about Lyme disease is that all ticks are vectors of it. However, only blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks, carry this disease. And to be a vector of Lyme disease, the tick first has to feed on an infected animal, so not all blacklegged ticks spread the disease. 

A tick has to be attached for 36 to 48 hours to transmit Lyme disease, which may seem like a long time, but isn't, because most people don't realize they have received a bite. 

While ticks in Canton don't usually infest homes, they can live in yards in high populations and make their way inside on a pet or person. They can also become an issue inside if you have a wildlife or rodent problem.

For assistance with ticks on your property, contact our team at ProCare Pest Services. 

Where Do Mosquitoes In Canton Come From?

Mosquitoes are common pests in Georgia. These biting insects love our hot and humid weather and abundant vegetation where they can hide during the day.

Female mosquitoes are the ones that feast on us when we're trying to sleep or relax outside. It is a necessary part of their reproductive process. They also require standing water to lay eggs and complete their life cycle.

Around the Canton area, mosquitoes generally come from natural bodies of water, from swamps to bird baths. We recommend eliminating them from your property as much as you are able. Many local species, like the Asian tiger mosquito, need little more than plastic containers with small amounts of rainwater, making it essential to eliminate them to reduce their numbers.

Even if you take all the adequate precautions, mosquitoes can travel, ending up on your property while searching for a blood meal. If these buzzing nuisances have taken over your yard, your best bet is to rely on the services of professionals.

Call us today to learn about our mosquito control strategies, like our In2Care mosquito traps, which use a biological fungus safe for people and pets but deadly to mosquito larvae.

Why Eco-Friendly Pest Control Is Particularly Important In Canton

Eco-friendly residential pest control is essential in Canton for several reasons. Our beautiful state of Georgia is home to diverse ecosystems. We enjoy everything from forests to wetlands and are home to diverse wildlife and plant species. 

Traditional pest control methods can harm non-target species and disrupt these delicate ecosystems, which will cause significant issues in the short and long term. Unfortunately, our warm and humid climate makes us a prime breeding ground for many household pests like ants, termites, and cockroaches. 

It is easy to see why many companies and homeowners might use harsh chemicals that could pose a health risk to people and pets if used incorrectly or excessively and harm the environment. After all, you want these invaders out of your home fast and before they can contaminate or attack your loved ones.

However, eco-friendly strategies are as effective as traditional ones, safer, and more sustainable. They can prevent infestations before they occur, drastically reducing your need for treatments.

At ProCare Pest Services, we are committed to environmental stewardship and swiftly eliminating pest infestations from your home. Get in touch, and our experts will show you how our methods can make your home pest-free year-round.

Ways To Prevent Silverfish Infestations In Your Canton Home

Silverfish are common household pests in Canton and all of Georgia in general. While they look relatively inoffensive and tend to shy away from human activity, they can cause damage to books, clothing, and more. Here are some excellent ways to prevent them from taking over your home:

  • Keep your home clean and dry: Silverfish are attracted to humid environments like rodents and cockroaches. Keeping your home clean and dry can help prevent silverfish infestations and keep other invaders at bay.
  • Reduce clutter: Silverfish need cluttered areas where they can hide and breed. They prefer to stay away from people, but storage rooms, piles of papers and magazines, and boxes of clothes are the perfect places for silverfish to congregate.
  • Seal cracks and crevices: If you've ever had to deal with a pest infestation, you know that they are a significant factor. Silverfish can slither through small openings and start spreading before you know it.
  • Store food in airtight containers: Grains, cereals, and pet food are magnets for silverfish. Storing these items in airtight containers can help.

Are you struggling with a silverfish infestation in your home? If so, we will help you identify its source and develop an effective treatment plan based on your needs. Call the ProCare Pest Services experts today to get started.

The Trick To Total Ant Control For Your Canton Home

You need prevention and treatment methods for total ant control in Canton. Here are some tricks you can try in addition to professional pest control strategies when required:

  • Identify and eliminate entry points: Ants are tiny; entire colonies can enter indoors through small cracks and openings. We can help you inspect your home and seal any spots that could serve as entry points.
  • Keep your home clean: Food sources are one of the main reasons for ant infestation. We recommend promptly cleaning up spills and crumbs and storing food in airtight containers.
  • Consider ant baits and repellents: From professional treatments to natural products, there are many options to get rid of ants. It is best to consult with pros who can match the right products to the ant species in your home to save time and money.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Professional inspections are necessary if your home is a magnet for ants. By focusing on prevention and eliminating issues as soon as they happen, you have the best chance at staying on top of future ant problems. 

ProCare Pest Services can help you identify the ant species and develop an effective treatment plan if you have an ant infestation in your home. Call us today for a free quote and find out why we are the top choice for thousands of homeowners in Canton.

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