Pest Control In Douglasville, GA

Reliable Pest Control In Douglasville, GA

Douglasville is a primarily residential city that is regarded as one of the most desirable places to live in the area. People move to Douglasville for the good school system, sprawling neighborhoods, and ease of daily life. With its close proximity to Atlanta, Douglasville is ideal for commuters and families. With a significant amount of warmth and humidity as well as urban conditions, though, pest problems can develop in local homes throughout the year.

At ProCare Pest Services, we were founded on the principle of community-friendly pest control, which we’ve been providing since 2014. Thousands of homeowners trust our reliable Douglas County pest control because we take the time to understand their needs, price our services competitively, and ultimately deliver a seamless experience. We offer traditional and eco-friendly treatments that are safe for children and pets and every service that we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Residential Pest Control In Douglasville

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A pest infestation can be detrimental to your quality of daily life in Douglasville, which is why our team at ProCare Pest Services is dedicated to providing unwavering service. We were founded back in 2014 on the simple idea that every homeowner in our community deserves safe and effective pest control that should actually yield results. As your neighbors, we never view you as just another account, so we won’t stop until we have successfully eliminated the pests around your home.

We begin by providing a complete home inspection where we look to identify the root cause of your infestation. Once we’ve located the pest activity, we use treatments like spraying interior baseboards, applying granular bait to your yard, and sweeping down spider webs. We’ll also recommend a maintenance plan so that we can prevent future pest problems. In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer seasonal treatments for mosquitoes and termite control. Every service that we offer is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Where Termite Damage Occurs In Douglasville Homes

There are several species of termites that look for Douglasville homes to invade and they all want something a little bit different. Some of the termites that local homeowners might encounter include subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, and Formosan termites. Because all termites are looking for wood in some form or another, they can damage door jambs, foundations, walls, ceilings, floors, window frames, sheds, decks, and porches. Sometimes, once termites have constructed a colony, their damage can spread beyond their point of entry.

At ProCare Pest Services, we specialize in trusted termite control because we know how extensive the damage they cause can be. We provide lasting treatments for homeowners that we stand by as well as education on how to deter future problems. For more information on termite control services in Douglasville, please call us today.

What Everyone In Douglasville Should Know About Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are a frequent pest in the Douglasville area when weather conditions turn warm and humid. During this time, they’re looking for people to feed off of, which can lead to their infamous itchy bites. But sometimes these mosquito bites are more than the nuisance that they appear to be. Mosquitoes in the area are known to sometimes carry the pathogens that lead to Eastern equine encephalitis and West Nile virus. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing whether a mosquito is infected or not. Some of the symptoms that people should monitor for include nausea, joint pain, fever, chills, and headaches. That’s why it’s important to deter mosquitoes through the application of EPA-approved products, maintaining a trimmed landscape, and enlisting the help of a professional.

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How You May Be Wrong About Bedbugs In Douglasville

Bed bugs are very small yet impactful pests that can develop into a problem quite easily in your Douglasville home. Their small stature and lack of visibility can often lead people to think that they’re harmless, but this is far from the truth. Bed bugs hide inside mattresses and furniture items, coming out at night when they feed off of people. While this process isn’t necessarily dangerous, it usually leads to people being covered in itchy red bumps.

You may also be underestimating bed bugs in Douglasville by thinking that outbreaks only happen in dirty homes, when, in fact, any time you are out in public, you may be exposing yourself to bed bugs. Simple things like going to the groceries or running errands are enough to come into contact with bed bugs. Another important way that you might be wrong about bed bugs is by thinking that you can eliminate them on your own. Bed bugs hide and populate rapidly, so the most effective way to eradicate them is with the help of a professional.

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