Pest Control In Duluth, GA

Pest Control In Duluth, GA

Duluth is a beautiful city located in Georgia. It's known for its picturesque scenery and its friendly people. Duluth is also home to many businesses and organizations, making it a great place to live and work.

Despite its many positive attributes, Duluth does have a pest problem. Rats, cockroaches, flies, ants, and bed bugs can all live in the city. When given the opportunity, these pests will invade your home, causing damage and creating a health hazard.

Contact a Gwinnett County pest control professional if you're dealing with a pest problem. ProCare Pest Services is a local, family-owned business serving the Duluth community since 2014. We have experience dealing with all types of pests, and we'll work quickly to get rid of your pest problem.

We believe in giving back to our community, so we offer nothing but the best in customer service and pest control solutions. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.

Residential Pest Control In Duluth

duluth ga pest control

Pest control is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and comfortable home. Not only is this service important for the well-being of your family, but it can also save you money in the long run.

ProCare Pest Services offers a broad range of carefully crafted home pest control services to meet the unique needs of Duluth homeowners. Our services are affordable and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you contact us, we'll send one of our experienced technicians to your home for a free inspection. During the inspection, we'll identify the type of pests you're dealing with and any conducive conditions that may be present.

We'll then discuss our findings with you and recommend a course of treatment. Our goal is to solve your pest problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once you approve the treatment plan, we'll get to work. You can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands.

We'll start by sweeping spider webs on upper eaves and corners and removing wasp nests. We'll spray all exteriors, cracks, crevices, sidewalks, and the driveway. 

Our technicians will spray the baseboard and spot treat any problem areas inside the house. ProCare Pest Services is your one-stop shop for all your pest control needs. 

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Duluth Home

Cockroaches venture into your home in search of food and shelter. These pests are attracted to areas that offer moisture, such as kitchens and washrooms.

Roaches are more than just a nuisance; they're also a health hazard. These pests can:

  • Contaminate your food: Cockroaches are known to spread bacteria and diseases. They can contaminate your food by crawling on it or leaving droppings near it.
  • Trigger asthma and allergies: The presence of roaches can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in many individuals. Cockroach droppings, saliva, and shed skin can all cause respiratory problems.
  • Damage your home: Cockroaches can also cause damage to your home.

Despite the latest cockroach control products claiming to be effective at dealing with these pests, the truth is that they're only temporary solutions. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to contact a Duluth pest control professional. 

ProCare Pest Services has years of experience and access to the latest technology and products. We'll quickly return normalcy to your home and keep cockroaches from coming back. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you eradicate your cockroach problem for good.

What Smells Do Duluth Mosquitoes Hate?

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain smells, including sweat, perfume, and flowers. But there are also some smells that they avoid. You can use these scents to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Some of the smells that Duluth mosquitoes hate include:

  • Citronella
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Lavender

In addition to using these smells, you should take steps to ensure no mosquitoes breed around your home. This includes removing standing water, trimming bushes and trees, and cleaning your gutters.

You can also contact ProCare Pest Services. We offer mosquito control services to keep these pests away from your home all season long.

Ant Identification 101: What Every Duluth Homeowner Ought To Know

Most ants are great for the ecosystem. They help with the decomposition of dead leaves and insects. Some ant species even prey on other pests, such as roaches and termites.

However, some ants can become nuisances, particularly when they invade your Duluth home searching for food or shelter. The most common ant found in Georgia homes is the carpenter ant. These pests are attracted to wood and can cause damage to your home by tunneling through it.

Other ants that commonly invade local homes include:

  • Argentine ants: These ants are shiny dark brown or black and range in size from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch in length. 
  • Odorous house ants: These small black ants can be distinguished by the rotten smell they release when crushed. 
  • Pavement ants: At an eighth of an inch long and black in color these ants are very typical looking.
  • Pharaoh ants: These small ants can be recognized by their lighter yellow coloring.
  • Crazy ants: While they may look similar to other small brown or black ants, these ants are noted for their erratic movements. 
  • Fire ants: Small and red you can also recognize these ants by their aggressive nature.

The foolproof way to get rid of ants is to contact professional pest control. ProCare Pest Services will inspect your home and recommend the best course of treatment. We only use ant control products safe for pets and children. 

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