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Lawrenceville, GA, is a historic Atlanta suburb name after a famous naval captain from the War of 1812. We are the oldest city and county seat of Gwinnett County, and we’re proud of our strong roots in the farming community. Something we’re not so proud of, however, is local pest activity. Unfortunately, pests are an ongoing issue in the area, meaning all Lawrenceville property owners are susceptible to potential pest infestations. The best protection you can secure is help from the pros.

Welcome to ProCare Pest Services. We are a family-owned and operated company providing comprehensive pest control solutions to properties across Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas since 2014. If you’re looking for dependable Gwinnett County pest control, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today to learn more about our pest control solutions and how we can be of service.

Residential Pest Control In Lawrenceville

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If you own a home here in Lawrenceville, you are vulnerable to household pest infestations. That’s why we offer reliable residential pest solutions to local homeowners. We take care of thousands of customers and have serviced around 5,000 local homes. We provide full coverage from a long list of common area invaders, such as termites, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, pantry pests, stinging insects, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and occasional invaders.

As members of the local community, we work tirelessly to continue building the best pest control company in the area, providing better customer service and extensive expertise. Contact us to get started.

All The Ways You Attract Ants To Your Lawrenceville Home

The presence of ants in your home is a real nightmare. It’s normal to wonder how ants are even getting inside your home in the first place, and to answer that question, there are several ant attractants around your home to consider. Here are all the ways you attract ants to your Lawrenceville home:

  • Any sources of standing water in and around the property
  • Lacking protective screen in windows and doors, or failing to address tears in existing screens
  • Small cracks or gaps in the foundation giving ants easy access to the home
  • Spills, messes, sugary residue, and crumbs left on the countertop or floor
  • The presence of damp towels or rugs that just sit around without being washed and dried

When you get rid of these attractants, ants have less of an incentive to invade your space. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is get professional pest protection. Get in touch with the team at ProCare Pest Services for complete ant control and prevention services.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Spider Control For Lawrenceville Property Owners

If you want to control spider activity around your property, there are some things you do. Here’s a step-by-step guide to spider control for Lawrenceville property owners:

  • Install or repair window and door screens.
  • Keep other bugs away from property.
  • Keep trash in sealed containers.
  • Maintain a clean space and reduce clutter.
  • Reduce excess moisture and accessible food sources.
  • Use caulk or foam to seal up cracks and crevices.

These prevention tips are great for minimizing your exposure to spiders, but none of them are as effective as help from the pros. If you want complete protection from spider activity, reach out to ProCare Pest Services today. We’re here to address all of your spider control and prevention services. Call us to get started.

What To Do About Cockroaches In Your Lawrenceville Home

Cockroaches are bacteria-ridden intruders that spread pathogens around your home. This contamination can lead to a long list of diseases, putting your health at risk (and that of your loved ones). That’s why it’s a good idea to be proactive in your cockroach prevention efforts. 

Here’s what to do about cockroaches in your Lawrenceville home. Because cockroaches enter your home looking for food, water, and shelter, it’s important to try and eliminate these sources and remove their incentive. You can start by eliminating sources of food and excess moisture in and around the home. Install dehumidifiers in moisture rich areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Reduce clutter and make sure to vacuum the floor and under the furniture. Regularly sweep beneath the stove and the refrigerator. To prevent entry, apply weather stripping around windows and doors. 

The safest, most effective way to treat a cockroach infestation is to seek help from a professional pest control company. The pros at ProCare Pest Services are here to help you. Our team with protect your property from cockroaches, making the necessary structural modifications to keep them away all year. Get in touch with us to get started and we’ll address all of your cockroach control and prevention needs.

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