Pest Control In Powder Springs, GA

Pest Control In Powder Springs, Georgia

Many places claim to be "the best place to live," but the residents of Powder Springs are different. We don't need to boast about how great it is to live here because the area speaks for itself! With all the green spaces, friendly people, and quaint atmosphere, you can't beat Powder Springs.

What's more frustrating than finding pests in your home, where you and your family are supposed to feel safest? Although plenty of pests are only a nuisance, which means they don't spread diseases, there are just as many dangerous. So it's essential to know how to protect yourself and others from all home-invading critters.

Choosing the right company to provide Cobb County pest control can be a challenge, but much easier when you listen to what ProCare Pest Services offers!

Residential Pest Control In Powder Springs

powder springs ga pest control

For many years ProCare Pest Services has been dedicated to providing the most reliable residential pest control through unbeatable customer service and growing knowledge of area pests. This dedication continues with you as we start protecting your home from unwanted pests through our residential services. 

These services begin by identifying active pest problems, which we will treat and eliminate. Plus, we will deter spiders and wasps by sweeping eaves and corners for webs and nests. Following these first steps, we will treat the exterior and interior as needed using methods proven for their effectiveness, such as spraying cracks and crevices, applying granular in the yard, treating baseboards, and spot treating. 

We also offer specialty services for the hard to eliminate pests like mosquitoes and termites, so don't forget to ask our technicians about how we can help with these pests!

Being a local company, we know what it takes to keep pests away from Powder Springs homes, so don't wait; call us at ProCare Pest Services today!

Preparing Your Powder Springs Yard For The Return Of Dangerous Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are an all too familiar pest to residents. Because of our warm and humid conditions, mosquitoes thrive here, so we experience multitudes of them spring through fall. You aren't alone if you've tried different store-bought products to keep mosquitoes away with no long-term success. These products don't get to the root of the problem; instead, use these tips to prevent mosquitoes this spring:

Reduce Standing Water, Which Provides A Breeding Site For Mosquitoes:

  • Remove bird baths
  • Keep gutters unclogged
  • Remove organic debris like leaf litter and grass clippings
  • Use filters in pools and ponds
  • Fill in ground holes
  • Remove anything that can catch and hold rainwater, like old tires, wheelbarrows, and garbage cans without lids

Reduce Shaded Areas, Which Mosquitoes Need To Survive During The Hottest Parts Of The Day:

  • Keep the grass cut short
  • Maintain foliage
  • Remove debris
  • Properly secure compost piles

For professional mosquito control services, contact ProCare Pest Services.

Having Cockroaches In Your Powder Springs Home Is Worse Than You May Think

People often underestimate home-invading pests, thinking they are primarily a nuisance. While this may be true for some pests, it isn't for cockroaches. Cockroaches in Powder Springs are some of the worst pests anyone can experience in their home because:

Health Concerns:

  • They spread diseases like dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis, giardia, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, leprosy, and listeriosis.
  • They cause contamination, which can lead to staphylococcus, E. coli, and streptococcus.
  • They affect allergies and asthma by leaving behind saliva, droppings, and shed skin.

Damage Concerns:

  • They chew and ruin furniture and other items with droppings.


  • They are some of the most challenging pests to eliminate because of their increasing immunity to conventional products.
  • They reproduce quickly.  
  • They can live up to a month without food, a week without water, and a week without their head.

Because of how dangerous and difficult cockroaches are, don't wait to call us at ProCare Pest Services if you believe you have a problem with this pest.

Why Professional Termite Control Is Important For Your Powder Springs Home

Subterranean termite infestations are an unfortunately common problem in Powder Springs and throughout Georgia. If you've been lucky enough to never experience a termite problem, chances are, one day your luck will run out. Fortunately, ProCare Pest Services provides effective termite control solutions to wipe out termite colonies and prevent new infestations from developing.

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your property for signs of termites and problem areas. Then we will develop a customized solution to the termite problem, which may include using bait systems and/or liquid treatments. Our services are designed to not only eradicate the active termites on your property, but also to defend against future infestations.

When you partner with ProCare Pest Services, you can count on us to deliver effective termite solutions and exceptional customer service. Contact us today for quality termite control in Powder Springs.

How Ant Problems Start In Powder Springs Homes

Ants are one of the most common nuisance pests across the country, so it’s no wonder why ant problems develop in Powder Springs homes. More specifically, they begin to develop if a home has features that are attractive to ants, such as food or water.

Ants in Powder Springs are attracted to sweet and sugary substances and food of any sort. If there are crumbs scattered around the floor, jars that haven’t been rinsed out, dishes in the sink, or leftovers that have not been properly covered. Ants are also known to mistake shampoo, laundry detergent, and soaps for food sources, so if homeowners have any spills of these items, ants may appear in droves. Related things like not taking the trash out often, forgetting to rinse out cans and jars, and having food debris build up inside of trash cans can also provide conducive conditions for ants.

Another factor that is often responsible for the attraction of ants is moisture in its many forms. This may mean having leaky pipes and plumbing voids, but it can also mean forgetting to turn the sink or shower off completely. Any type of water accumulation can lure ants and keep them around. For more information on ant control, call ProCare Pest Services today.

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Powder Springs Home

If you develop a bed bug infestation in your Powder Springs home, the biggest issues that are likely to develop are lost sleep, itchy bites, and stress. Bed bugs are parasites that feed off of your blood, so while there are no known illnesses that they are associated with, this excessive feeding can leave you with itchy bumps and potentially full-bodied welts. These bites can lead to excessive scratching, which can be the source of secondary skin infections. Bed bugs also leave behind immense amounts of fecal matter and shed body parts that can irritate asthma and allergies in certain individuals.

Prolonged exposure to bed bugs can also produce anxiety in people that comes from sleepless nights and the fears that are associated with bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can also attract other pests that eat them, including cockroaches, spiders, and centipedes. At ProCare Pest Services, we specialize in extensive bed bug control in Powder Springs that is eco-friendly and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We customize the exact specifications of each treatment to your needs for results that you can trust. For more information on eliminating the bed bugs in your home, please call us today.

Is It A Centipede Or A Millipede In My Powder Springs Home?

Perhaps you’ve come across a creepy bug in your Powder Springs home and you’re wondering if you’ve encountered a centipede or a millipede. While their names might sound the same, these two pests actually look very different. While centipedes have legs that splay out from underneath them and are made up of segments, millipedes look long and tubular and their legs are located beneath them, which helps them slink along. Centipedes also have a set of prominent front antennae, while the ones that millipedes have are much smaller and subtler. Both of these pests prefer moist climates and conditions that contain darkness as well, whether they find this inside or outdoors.

There are other differences between the two as well, because while millipedes feast on decaying plant matter, centipedes inject their venom into pests before eating them, though this might not be apparent to you while they’re invading your home. Whether you are dealing with centipedes or millipedes, the team at ProCare Pest Services can help. We provide guaranteed protection against these common invaders with safe services that you can trust. For more information on centipede and millipede control, contact us today. 

Why Are There Fleas In My Powder Springs Home?

Fleas are difficult-to-spot parasites that will invade your Powder Springs home for a variety of reasons, and if you’ve noticed any of them already, that is a very important first step. One of the main reasons why you might have developed a flea infestation in your home is because of your cats and dogs. If they spend time outdoors or encounter unknown animals, then they might pick up fleas quite easily, especially if they aren’t being treated with flea prevention.

In the same vein, it’s also possible for you to develop a flea outbreak if you have a rodent or wildlife problem. Many times, noticing fleas might actually indicate another pest problem that you don’t even know you have. These types of pests are common food sources and hosts for fleas, which can make them a big problem for you.

Another reason why you might be seeing fleas is if you’ve brought home a piece of infested furniture, have a neighbor with an infestation, or if fleas have latched onto your personal belongings after you’ve gone to the park or stayed somewhere that had fleas. Fleas are notoriously difficult to eliminate because they’re hard to spot, reproduce frequently, and hide in places like upholstery and drapes. For more help with flea control, contact the team at ProCare Pest Services today. 

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