Why Professional Bed Bug Control Is The Way To Go For Your Marietta Home

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It can be alarming to find bed bugs in your home, especially if you don't know much about them. Something is just not right about having insects hiding in your home and coming out at night to bite you while you sleep. Do bed bugs creep you out? If so, we get it. Today, our goal is to reduce your fear of bed bugs by telling you how you can detect them, what you can do to prevent an infestation, and how bed bug pest control in Marietta works to arrest infestations.

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How To Tell If Bed Bugs Are Infesting Your Home

Bed bugs are sneaky. If you have these bugs in your home, you may not know for weeks. When you start to see bites on your skin, you may still not know that bed bugs are to blame for your misery. Bed bug bites can be slight at first. If you hope to detect bed bugs, you need to know what bed bug bites look like, how to identify bed bugs, and where bed bugs hide.

Bed Bug Bite Identification

Each bed bug typically bites three times. Entomologists jokingly refer to these bites as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each "meal" takes only about ten minutes, and they occur close to one another on your skin. You'll see a line or zig-zag pattern if one bug bites you, and you'll see a path across your skin if several bed bugs bite you. These bites are associated with a prominent rash.

Bed Bug Warning Signs

Before you see bites on your skin, you may deter bed bugs in your home by seeing warning signs. Bed bugs leave black fecal spotting on pillowcases, sheets, bedspreads, curtains, upholstery, and other fabrics. They leave black streaks on baseboards, crown molding, wood furniture, electronics, and bed frames.

Bed Bug Identification

Do you know that you may see a bed bug and not realize it is a bed bug? Yup. It's true. Most people have seen images of seed-shaped adult bed bugs on news reports, but few know that bed bugs are a milky color when they first hatch. These newly hatched bed bugs are the ones you're most likely to see. Adult bed bugs tend to stay hidden and only come out at night. If you see a nymph on your skin, it may not be entirely white. The abdomen of the insect may be bright red. Your blood will make a bed bug nymph look like a tiny white and red insect. As bed bug nymphs grow, they become a tan color. You may see one of these tan nymphs when you move a mattress or couch cushion and think that it is some other kind of insect. It is essential to identify bed bugs in all stages of development if you hope to keep these irritating pests out of your home.

Bed Bug Inspection

There are ways to find bed bugs in your home. Use a probing tool to inspect the seams, creases, and recesses in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. Look for shed insect skins, tiny white eggs, fecal matter, or bed bugs. Use a flashlight to inspect holes and recesses and examine underneath mattress and box spring labels.

Contact a licensed Marietta pest professional if you detect bed bugs in your home. Bed bug infestations grow worse over time, and they are hard to control if you don't have training or experience. There are many heartbreaking stories of DIY bed bug control leading to property loss and loss of human life. We don't want this to be your story. Let's look at how and why infestations worsen over time and how DIY bed bugs control can fall short.

How & Why Bed Bug Infestations Get Worse With Time

Let's begin with how bed bug infestations get worse over time. When bed bugs bite you for the first time, you may not even know that bed bugs have bitten you. The bites are so slight and numerous that people often think they've had an allergic reaction to food or something. As an infestation progresses and bed bugs continue, they become worse. They can go from small prickly bumps to large welts. Along with irritating welts, anemia can occur. Anemia can be mild or severe.

Now that you know how bed bug infestation worsens over time, let's talk about why this happens. These bugs are going to bite you over and over again. Human blood is their preferred sustenance. But this isn't the only reason bed bug infestations worsen with time. Bed bugs are going to grow their population. A female bed bug can produce one to five eggs per day and over five hundred eggs in her lifetime. Newly hatched nymphs take about twenty-one days to develop into adults. Your infestation has the potential to increase exponentially.

One last reason bed bugs get worse with time is that most people don't know how to treat bed bugs. When treatments are unsuccessful, bed bug infestations persists and grow over time.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

We're often asked, "Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?" Boy, are they ever! Bed bugs are tricky pests. If you don't understand how they elude treatments, you will have a hard time treating them. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Bed bugs hide in tight spaces. Sprays often fail to address bed bugs because sprays are topical. They don't get deep into the places where bed bugs hide. It is uniquely challenging to get rid of bed bugs with natural products, such as vinegar and water. While you can exterminate a bed bug with vinegar and water, you can only do so by directly spraying it. If you spray a surface, it will dry up and have no impact on bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs hide in many places. If you purchase mattress encasements, place traps under the feet of your bed, and treat your frame, bed bugs may bite you while you're watching television on your couch. They can be in several places, such as under your carpet and inside walls, luggage, computer, and upholstered furniture, all at the same time.
  • Bed bugs don't live outside. You can't stop bed bugs from getting into your home by sealing entry points. You're also not going to have much success driving bed bugs out of your home because they don't want to live in your yard. Exterior exclusions and interior repellents will have no impact on bed bugs. These control methods will only succeed at frustrating you and sapping your energy.
  • Bed bugs are hard to control with insecticides. You may hear that residual insecticides are the best solution for bed bugs. There is truth to this. Unfortunately, bed bugs have adaptable physiology and may be born with a resistance to the products you use on them.
  • You can bring new bed bugs into your home as you attempt to control the bugs that have already gotten in. If you're picking up bed bugs locally, such as at work, school, or a public venue, you can keep getting more and more bugs.
  • Bed bugs can pass through walls. If you are in an apartment complex, bed bugs may be coming from an adjacent apartment.

Even when you take appropriate steps to control bed bugs, you can fail to achieve control or get unwanted results. For example, heat can exterminate bed bugs in all stages of development, but bed bugs can find cold spots in a room and hide from high temperatures. You're not going to be able to arrest your bed bug infestation by placing a space heater in your bedroom.

How & Why Professional Bed Bug Control Works

Bed bugs are hard to control. A professional is aware of the challenges and uses field-tested methods and trusted products to get control of these elusive pests. Each licensed pest control provider may use different treatment methods, but the process is the same:

  • Your technician will inspect your home and look for pest activity and conducive conditions.
  • Based on the findings from your inspection, your technician will recommend a treatment plan and provide you with options.
  • Your technician will execute the plan and follow best practices and industry guidelines.
  • After treatment, your technician will perform follow-ups as necessary. Follow-up inspections are to make sure no bed bugs remain in your home.

There are many ways you might throw away good money after bad attempting to fix a bed bug problem. The worst part is that you may waste that money and still have bed bugs! Some Marrietta residents throw away mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and other furniture items. Some invest in several space heaters, control products, mattress encasements, diatomaceous earth, etc. We hope you don't spend a bunch of money and waste your precious energy only to have bed bugs continue to bite you repeatedly. Contact ProCare Pest Services for bed bug control in Marrietta. Our licensed residential and commercial pest technicians know how to get control of bed bugs. You don't have to let these bugs drive you crazy. Get relief today.

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