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German Cockroaches Can Be A Big Problem For Your Marietta Home

cockroach on house plant

German cockroaches exhibit unique behaviors that can make treating infestations difficult. Some of these traits make them less susceptible to standard cockroach extermination methods and complicate the process of ousting them from your home. How do you and other Marietta homeowners free yourselves from these pests and keep them from returning?

This post explains what makes the German cockroach so unique and dangerous. In addition, we'll provide some tips on how to prevent another infestation. For the best pest control in Marietta, call ProCare Pest Services, which can eradicate cockroaches for good.

Habits And Behaviors Of German Cockroaches

The most significant difference is the reproduction rate when comparing the American cockroach vs. German cockroach. One German cockroach can lay over 400 eggs in its lifetime, producing eggs every six weeks. Eggs take roughly one month to hatch, giving German cockroaches a swift reproduction cycle.

German cockroaches take 40 days to fully mature. Before then, they rarely leave the nest, relying instead on adults to bring them food. Unfortunately, this tendency to stay hidden makes some cockroach control products ineffective at eradicating an infestation.

Cockroaches are also known and loathed for their high resistance and adaptability to typical insecticides. Should a female survive exposure to pest control products, she can pass on resistance to future generations. They can also develop immunity to related insecticides they haven't been exposed to if it shares components of one they’ve survived.

While all cockroaches are durable, none compare to the German cockroach's adaptability. Add that to how quickly they multiply, and a single roach rapidly evolves into an overwhelming infestation. Our team inspects all possible hiding spaces when developing a treatment plan for your home.

Why It's Dangerous to Have German Cockroaches In Your Home

Sure, they're unsightly, and most people know that cockroaches, like most pests, threaten human health. But just how dangerous are German cockroaches? Here are just a few of the serious risks an infestation brings to your home:

  • They carry diseases and parasites: This shouldn't come as a surprise, given that they feed on rotting material, but German cockroaches house and spread worms and illnesses like salmonella. They can transmit these to you by you touching a surface they contacted.
  • German roaches will chew through containers to reach food: If one finds its way into your pantry (a common scenario), it will chew through cardboard and plastic bags in search of food. Not only will it touch your food, but it will expel waste in it.
  • They can trigger allergies and even asthma attacks with their waste and shed exoskeletons. Children tend to experience these responses more severely than adults.

Simply put, you can't live safely in the presence of cockroaches. Call ProCare Pest services as soon as you suspect an intensifying infestation.

The Trick to Completely Get Rid of German Cockroaches in Your Home

As is often the case with pest infestations, there are no simple methods to dealing with German cockroaches. They're elusive, incredibly resilient, and reproduce at an astronomical rate. The best way to eradicate a cockroach infestation is to contact roach pest patrol professionals like ProCare Pest Services.

German cockroaches are notorious for slipping through tiny openings to find a suitable dark spot to call home. No matter how insignificant, every crack or hole in your home is a possible opening for an infestation. Therefore, you need the eye of a professional to investigate your house to locate every hiding spot.

Professionals can also identify and remove egg sacks roaches leave behind; this is important because insecticide won't affect the eggs before they expel from the sack. Missing even one cockroach or egg sack will repeat the infestation in short order.

Don't waste time and money on products and remedies that won't target the entirety of your infestation woes. Only professionals like ProCare Pest Services can tackle a roach problem inside and out.

How To Prevent Cockroaches from Returning To Your Home

After the initial German cockroach extermination, there are simple preventive measures you can take to reduce the chance of another infestation. For example, keeping your home clean of debris and sealing cracks in your floors, walls, and ceilings will go a long way. It's also important to schedule follow-up inspections with your cockroach pest control pros to ensure a thorough job.

ProCare Pest Services is happy to bring these and other services to Marietta and the surrounding areas. We'll partner with you to find the best solution to your pest problem so you can reclaim your home and safety. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we do for you.