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Why Ants Invade Marietta Homes And How To Keep Them Out

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Pest infestation is a frustrating experience for homeowners because it can cause significant damage or health issues. Ants are incredibly annoying because they come into your home in large numbers. Generally, ant infestations are most common during the rainy season, because they come into your home seeking shelter from the rain and food. 

Getting rid of them yourself can be a daunting task since you also need to eliminate all their nests. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the help of the specialists in Marietta pest control at ProCare Pest Services. We have the experience needed to quickly solve your problem and reclaim your home from these unwanted invaders.

Types Of Ants That Commonly Invade Marietta Homes

Different types of ants will invade your home in different ways. The different types of ants include:

  • Carpenter ants: These ants are black, and between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long. They mainly destroy the wood in a home, and sometimes they will attack the dying trees or stumps in your yard. They make nests in the ground.
  • Fire ants: These ants use stingers to leave itchy wounds on your skin. They are usually red, but some species are black on the abdomen. They usually create small mounds in your yard.
  • Pharaoh ants: These ants are dangerous because of how easily they spread diseases. They are tiny and have a red or yellowish color.
  • Odorous house ants: These ants produce a terrible smell when you crush them. They have black or brown in color. They nest in pipes, heaters, and cracks in the walls and like sweet liquids and food particles.

Professional pest control companies understand that various ant species require unique methods of eradication, and offer specific services like fire ant control and carpenter ant pest control. 

The Many Problems Ants Can Create In Your Home

Ants can create problems in your home and disrupt your life. Some of the problems you are likely to encounter when they invade your home are:

  • Spreading diseases: Pharaoh ants can carry bacteria like clostridium and staphylococcus. They prefer to eat decomposing organic materials, and you can find them in pets, livestock, and wildlife wounds. Sometimes, they even feed on human wounds.
  • Destroying wood: Carpenter ants damage wood in your house. They mostly get into rotten wood in the home and worsen it. They can destroy structural wood in your homes, such as doors, roofs, or floors, and cause significant financial losses.
  • Stomach illness: Many ant species bring pathogens into homes, causing digestive illnesses.
  • Stinging: Fire ants can sting you, and some people are allergic to the fire ant’s sting. The reaction could be dangerous and sometimes fatal. 

Ant control is your best option if you want to avoid these problems. Let experts take care of ant control in your house and yard to ensure these destructive insects don’t build colonies on your property and make your life difficult.

Common Factors That Attract Ants Into Your Home

Various factors could attract ants into your home. First and foremost, ants are in search of food. Many ants love sweet foods and are attracted to most of the other food humans eat. Leaving such food spills on your countertops can attract these pests to your home. Always cover food in your kitchen.

Just like any other living organism, ants also need water to survive. They will drink the water they find in your home and carry some to their colony. They can find it in potted plants, broken pipes, condensed water, or leaking water from faucets or roofs. Improving ventilation in your home, using dehumidifiers, or turning your fan on can help solve the moisture problem and prevent ants from coming to your home.

Ants are also in search of shelter. They can build nests underground or above the ground in specific parts of your property. They make such nests to have an easy time when looking for water and food. The best thing to do is seal entry points, leaks, cracks, and spaces in your home to prevent them from entering.  

Ensuring that there are no factors that could attract ants to your home is a great preventive measure to take to avoid an ant infestation. Apply all the ant prevention tips mentioned above to help reduce ant attraction. If you do find yourself with an infestation, your best move is to call the experts.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Ants In Your Home

Contact ProCare Pest Services as soon as you notice a sign of ant infestation. When you hire professionals to do the job, we will eliminate the ants efficiently and save you time and money.

Save your property from damage by seeking the help of ProCare Pest Services for reliable ant pest control in Marietta. Call us today to find out more about our ant removal services.