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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Marietta Home Tips For Effective Spider Prevention

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Marietta Home: Tips For Effective Spider Prevention

What’s the most common arachnid in Marietta? If you answered ‘spiders,’ you’d be correct. There are more than 45,000 known species, and they live on every continent except Antarctica. Georgia alone is home to 40 different types of spiders – dozens of which are likely crawling through your Marietta backyard.

The good news? Most spider species are completely harmless to humans and pose little if any, threat to our way of life. The bad news? Some spiders carry potent venom and inflict serious health problems in humans. All it takes is a single bite to wind up in the hospital with expensive medical treatments.

Spiders aren’t generally interested in living inside your house, however. They would rather spend their days outside hunting prey in peace. This means a large number of spiders in your house may be a sign of something more serious. If you’re noticing an uncanny amount of spider activity, you may be dealing with a secondary pest infestation that requires immediate attention.

This guide can help put an end to your spider (and pest prey) struggles with helpful tips for prevention, identification, and control. Once we take a closer look at the common species in Marietta, we explain what you should know about their side effects and dangers. We also explore how you can prevent infestations before or after you’ve experienced activity. 

Is it time to explore professional spider control for your home? We also provide a tour of the spider extermination treatments provided by ProCare Pest Services.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get our bearings by discussing some common spider species in Marietta.

Types Of Spiders: A Guide To The Most Common Species


As mentioned, Georgia is home to 40 different types of spiders, several of which are present in Marietta. There are three major species we want to chat about here: the black widow spider, the brown recluse spider, and the Joro spider.

  • Black widow spider: Easily recognized by the red hourglass on its abdomen, the black widow spider is one of the most identifiable arachnids in the world. It also happens to be one of the most deadly spiders in America, with the ability to inject a strong latrotoxin into pest prey and unlucky victims. You may experience nausea, sweating, and palpitations after a bite and should immediately seek medical attention if you believe you’ve been attacked by a black widow.
  • Brown recluse spider: The brown recluse spider is sometimes called the fiddleback spider due to the large fiddle-shaped marking on its upper abdomen. It also possesses extremely necrotic venom – victims may lose any tissue around the bite, which means most attacks require days or weeks to heal. It’s advised to contact a medical professional if you think you’ve received a bite from a brown recluse.
  • Joro spider: Known for its extreme size and bright color patterns, the Joro spider is one of the newest arachnids in Georgia. This Japanese pest has proved somewhat beneficial since its arrival in 2014, consuming problematic pest species like the brown marmorated stink bug. The Joro spider is venomous (like all other species of spider), but their bites are rarely, if ever, medically important. While they’re relatively shy and not quick to attack, their three to four-inch leg spans are difficult to ignore.

If you think or know any of these spiders in Georgia are present around your home, you need to act fast to get the issue under control and stop infestations from getting worse. It won’t be long before these pests settle down and lay eggs all over your yard. If you or a loved one accidentally encounters these pests, you could even sustain a venomous bite.

Keep reading to learn more about identifying and treating spider bites.

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Creating An Uninviting Environment: Tips For Spider Prevention

When it comes to spider control in Marietta and beyond, defense is typically the best offense. If spiders (and their pest prey) never have a reason to crawl into your home, you likely never need to deal with a serious infestation.

Fortunately, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. Below are our top tips for how to prevent spiders from getting inside your home:

  • Keep tall grass and leafy vegetation away from the sides of your home. The fewer hiding places you have for bugs and spiders, the less likely they are to scout near your home. Regularly trimming and pruning your yard is an excellent way to begin this process.
  • Seal up any entry points pests could use to get inside your home. Look for cracks in your foundation, gaps around doors and windows, and any holes in screen meshing where insects could scramble inside. 
  • Remove any cobwebs both inside and outside your home. You don’t want local spiders to get too comfortable, after all. The more you remove spider webs from your home, the more you prevent females from mating and laying eggs. 

Just keep in mind these are prevention steps only; they’re not intended as spider control. Although they can help you keep future populations at bay, they’re usually too little too late for established infestations.

If you need efficient spider control for your Marietta home, you need to contact the team at ProCare Pest Services today. Our spider control treatments and science-based methodology have everything you need to defend your home from eight-legged invaders.

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Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

Spider control from ProCare Pest Services is the ultimate solution to established infestations. We don’t just get rid of offending arachnids – we identify and stop pest prey as well. 

We start residential customers on a home pest control agreement designed around your unique needs. Once we have a chance to inspect your property, we can begin our treatment process in earnest. First, we sweep away spider webs around the upper eaves and corners, which removes established nests and any potential eggs. Then, we apply evidence-based treatments to stop current infestations and prevent future pests from getting inside. We take our time treating secondary insects so we can remove pest prey from the inside out. 

We typically focus on quarterly treatments to keep your home safe from spiders. If you’re interested in more natural methods of spider control, we also provide eco-friendly treatments to protect your loved ones and the environment. You never need to worry about halfhearted treatments or a possible spider reinfestation. Our company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means we always come back to make things right – and you never have to pay an additional dime.

Plus, ProCare Pest Services specializes in same-day and emergency services for spiders and other common pests. We’re always ready to help with emerging needs and are prepared to start treatments immediately after your call. It’s just one of the reasons why our pest control company is a top-rated provider in Marietta and beyond.

Ready to see more reasons why? You can get spider removal for your Marietta home by calling ProCare Pest Services today. We stand ready to assist your family with comprehensive inspections, treatments, and follow-up services.

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